soul tribe circle of feet in sand

Soul Tribe and Our Sense of Belonging

Soul tribe; the perhaps mythical place where we feel a deep sense of belonging and connection. Where we are valued for our inherent worth and our divine perfection is reflected back to us. Where we are affirmed in our existence and affirmed of our place in it.

The desire to find our Soul Tribe is deeply ingrained in many of us. The desire to belong, to be connected in community, is inherent in our human experience. From the first moment we open our eyes we are looking for our people.

Yet so many feel like they are wandering around aimlessly, untethered from the true connection and belonging that is our birthright. Understanding what it is and how to find your Soul Tribe will not only help us survive; it will ensure we flourish. 

What is a Soul Tribe? 

So what is a Soul Tribe anyway? It’s a modern day term that gets used in a myriad of interchangeable ways.  The term Soul Tribe is used differently by different groups. It can interchangeably refer to our family, our close friends and intimate partner and these days it can also mean our ideal clients if you are a business owner. 

First off, who are these people we are automatically searching for from the minute we enter this world? It’s like when we come in we clearly know we aren’t meant to be in this life alone. (If we were there wouldn’t be anyone else here.)

But when it comes to this question of “what is a soul tribe?,” it can become a little less clear.  To illuminate things we’ll look at all these different perspectives. Before we do that it’s also important to address the use of the word tribe here. 

As we have become much more educated and aware, the use of the word tribe by non-indigenous peoples has come into question. While always striving for inclusion, we’re deeply aware of the beings still searching for their people through the usage of the term ‘Soul Tribe’ when searching online. 

For the purposes of this discussion, please feel free to replace the word with Soul Family, Soul Group, Soul Pod or your preferred term wherever it appears. 

Soul Tribe Meaning

Clarifying the Soul Tribe meaning before we begin a more specific exploration will be useful. Think of it this way, it can include anyone you hold a deep affinity for or with. To qualify as a true member of your Soul Tribe this will go far beyond preferences and opinions, beliefs or affiliations.

Having the same or similar cultural background, religious beliefs, political views, educational background, even being closely related to someone does not automatically make them a member of your Soul Tribe. Here’s where we step out of the paradigm of personality and into the inner sanctum of Soul. 

Therefore, what connects us as a Soul Tribe is far more – and far deeper – than what you are able to see on the surface. The connection will go far beyond the superficial affiliations and associations we have with those around us. 

Strong social bonds are part of our human survival strategy. That may lead one to believe that those in our tribe only produce positive experiences. Sorry to say it’s just not so. As with any comfort zone stretch this may include tension, friction and a tad bit of turbulence. 

Soul Tribe, meaning those that activate us into our inherent greatness, play an essential role in our lives. Consider this… when do we tend to grow the most as individuals? When everything is going well? Or when we are faced with challenges? 

Inevitably (perhaps almost exclusively) most everyone says when they are being challenged. Those moments are the ones that hold the key to our Soul’s potential. And those who play a role in our activation are in fact doing us a sacred service. 

The most important members of our tribe may in fact be the ones that end up letting us down, disappointing us or even breaking our hearts. Believe it or not, through these experiences these Souls are actually expressing their commitment to supporting us in evolving the expression of our own Soul. Our interactions with them prompt us into showing up in new ways; with the ultimate goal of your Soul being to become the person you were born to be.  

How Do I Find My Soul Tribe

When it comes to how to find your Soul Tribe it’s not uncommon to initially seek them in the obvious indicators, shared interests or vision. But as we’ve covered, where you’ll find them isn’t based on these external references. 

If you’re asking yourself “how do I find my soul tribe?” the first thing you need to know is they aren’t something you find, it’s more like they find you. While this is not what you may initially think, stay with me here. 

It’s not something you find; it’s something you feel. They will recognize you – and you them – by your resonance. 

You see, our Souls, when in alignment, each have a unique frequency. When vibrating at this unique frequency, your people can and will find you. It’s that simple. Now, when you are vibrating at a lower frequency, certain members of your tribe will also find you in order to get you back on track. Back on your path of purpose.  

How to attract your Soul Tribe in Business

Now, when it comes to how to attract your Soul Tribe in business, spiritual business coaches will often say things like “your vibe attracts your tribe.” You can likely now see this mantra speaks to the resonance factor we’ve been exploring. And there’s a little more to it when it comes to the business realm.

It’s astounding how easy it is to get pulled into “the way it’s done.” Falling prey to all the formulas and blueprints that inevitably end up making us just like everyone else. Our unique resonance is drowned out when we are swimming in the sea of sameness rather than capitalizing on what makes us different and being proud of being unique.

Most frequently when designing businesses the default is to think “what will people pay for?” before tapping into” what do I uniquely have to offer from my Soul?” In this business-as-usual business model, too frequently you are left out of the equation until after the fact. And in some cases entirely. This will just not do! 

As one Business in Your Soul® member put it… “No wonder it didn’t work before. I’d built a business that should have worked. But what was missing was me.” 

After all, we already know that in order to attract your Soul Tribe you need to be vibrating at the frequency of your Soul. When it comes to designing the Business in Your Soul we always start with you. What it is that you have to offer the world, not just what we think the world wants.

When you are in alignment with your Soul, your ideal client will not only find you, they’ll be magnetized to you. That’s because the more you are resonating with the truth of your Soul, the more clear beacon of light and hope you become to those you can best serve. From here there is no pushing or striving, on connecting and serving. 

One last thought to consider…

Members of your Soul Tribe may journey with you for a time or a lifetime. The duration of the connection is not relevant. What is relevant are the results of the relationship. That doesn’t mean it will always continue but it will always catalyze you. That’s the purpose. To put you on the path of your potential and purpose. 

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