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The Spiritual Business Coach for Entrepreneurs

A spiritual business coach for entrepreneurs, while they generally perform the functions of a regular business coach, are also much more than just a business coach. In traditional business coaching we are generally looking at mechanics, metrics and maybe messaging. A spiritual business coach is going to look beyond the container of the business and business owner into the context of the business. 

What you see on the surface of a business doesn’t begin to tell the whole story as to the deeper drivers and purpose of the business or the business owner themselves. When choosing to work with a spiritual business coach for entrepreneurs there’s always more than meets the eye.

A spiritual business coach is going to take into consideration many more things than just the obvious. They/we dive deep into the energetics and impact of every decision to ensure the greatest impact for all involved – the business, their team and those they serve – as well as the fulfillment and satisfaction for the business owner that goes far beyond the outer markers of success such as making money. (Don’t think we’ll leave that out of the equation though!)

What is a Spiritual Business Coach

So exactly what is a spiritual business coach? Here are some nuances to consider. A spiritual business coach can be either a spiritual business coach or a spiritual business coach. As in they may simply take a spiritual approach and apply universal principles in their advice and mentorship. Or they may specifically be providing advice and mentoring through their spiritual business coaching specifically to spiritual businesses. In either case you will find similarities. Let’s explore them individually.

First off when considering what is a spiritual business coach we are talking about a business coach for really any type of business that operates through the lens of spiritual motivations and aspirations. It matters not what type of business in this example as this perspective is less about what kind of business you run and more about from what perspective you run that business. 

That can take the form of connecting the business owners to their deeper purpose and motivations as in: The estate attorney who understands that what they are really doing is preserving and ultimately healing families. The insurance agent who is motivated to make sure a mother can support her children if something happens to her husband. The financial advisor who is committed to making sure parents can fund their children’s future as well as their own. 

Not every business has an obvious spiritual motivation at its foundation but most all business owners do even if they aren’t consciously  aware of it yet. Spiritual business coaching can help bring purpose and profit together in an entirely new way. Imagine being able to run your business without leaving your Soul at the door when you go to work. The world, especially the business world, needs more of that, wouldn’t you say?

On the other hand, what is a spiritual business coach is more likely a business coach that specializes in coaching spiritual businesses and spiritual entrepreneurs. These may be businesses such as other life coaches and spiritual coaches, healers and Reiki masters, yoga instructors and studios, retreat facilitators or retreat centers and workshop leaders of all types. 

For that matter, spas and day spas can also qualify and be a fit for spiritual business coaching. There’s also meditation teachers, breathwork facilitators, TaiChi or QiGong masters, as well as other movement teachers (such as Nia, Azul or 5 Elements). Then there’s aromatherapists and massage therapists, holistic practitioners or wellness experts or nutritionists. Let’s not leave out acupuncturists, ayurvedic practitioners and herbalists. We could consider akashic records consultants and other readers including astrologists and numerologists. And that’s just to name a few!

While the spiritual in these businesses may be more obvious than our other examples, we still need to be sure the business thrives in the real world. A lot of spiritual business owners end up limiting their growth and even struggle to keep their doors open without the right support at the right time. That’s where spiritual business coaching comes in. Especially for a spiritual business, it’s important not to leave that aspect behind as we put the mechanics and marketing in place.

Spiritual business coaching for entrepreneurs needs to include internal alignment as well as external systems and structure to ensure we are creating a business with Soul. 

It’s not just a spiritual entrepreneur or one in the making that can benefit from spiritual business coaching. Inside larger companies and corporations, spiritual executives can also benefit from working with a spiritual business coach. Remember when we consider what is a spiritual business coach, we include what business you run as well as how you run that business. The latter very specifically applies to any leadership role inside of a company, whether you are the business owner or not.

Beyond the basics of business coaching, working with a spiritual business coach means exploring the seen such as strategy and tactics as well as the unseen, energetics, alignment, purpose and meaning.

What does a spiritual business coach do

If you’re wondering exactly what does a spiritual business coach do, regardless if we are talking about a more traditional business or a spiritual entrepreneur, there are some fundamentals that should always be in place in a spiritual business coaching program or spiritual business mentorship.

The best spiritual business coaches, among other things, are going to help you:

  • Set the foundation of your business in your Soul Calling or Soul Purpose. It’s super easy to get caught up in what we think will work and the way everyone else is doing things. But we will never have the success and satisfaction we are after if we aren’t fulfilling our purpose as well. A spiritual business coach is going to keep your purpose or calling front and center at all times. 

  • Make sure you are fully aligned in your motivations and actions. There are countless daily, weekly and monthly tasks to be tended to in every business. Which ones to focus on and how to approach them is and should be unique to the business and the business owner. Finding that alignment is a primary objective in spiritual business coaching.

  • Operating from your values and guiding principles. Beyond a mission statement these are our modes of operation and tenants all parties in a business commit to operating by. These can be as extensive or as simple as you’d like. For example, at Divine Navigation some of ours are Inclusivity (in all forms), Intimacy (how our clients are seen and heard) and Innovation (we are always striving to make our programs and operations better). A spiritual business coach can help you identify the guiding principles of your business. 

  • Staying in personal integrity through all of your business practices. This will include what you choose to do, with whom and how. While there is a wide array of personal definitions of integrity, consider anything you wouldn’t want someone to know about your business or business dealings. Anything that feels off likely isn’t in integrity for you. Take into account the reputation and anyone you are associating or affiliating with. All in all, ask yourself how good you feel about yourself at the end of the day. Through spiritual business coaching you’ll find it much easier to spot when you are out of integrity and much easier to make the necessary adjustments to bring yourself back into integrity when called for.

  • Selecting congruent partners, team members, clients or customers. There can be times when we are desperate to fill a position or get support. But anyone who’s made a bad hire can tell you, you’ll regret an incongruent team member much more than going with an unfilled position a little longer. When it comes to clients or customers (after all you don’t have a business without them!), bringing on a less than ideal client can cost you more (not just in money) then waiting for the right fit. A spiritual business coach will support you in those in-between spaces where you may be tempted to compromise your congruence for a warm body or cold hard cash.

  • Are using authentic client attraction and marketing methods. The best spiritual business coaches are going to be sure you are employing methods for attracting clients and getting the word out about your business that feel most aligned and authentic for you. For instance if your business relies on content creation are you a natural writer or do you prefer video? If you force yourself to use a method that’s not authentic to you, you are likely to come up against a lot of resistance in which case you may not use them, making them completely useless in the end. 

  • Creating a client enrollment sales process that feels great to all parties. We’ve all likely had an experience where we felt like we were being sold to and all we were to the business was a sale. Even if it was ultimately a great choice, no one likes to feel like a number. It’s imperative that your client enrollment or sales process honors the human, the Soul, in the process – yours and your prospective client’s or customer’s. The best spiritual business coaches will support you in designing your client pathway in an elegant way that allows for a natural progression for enrollment without any sleazy sales tactics or manipulation.

  • Make sure you are bringing your full soul expression to your role in the business. Here at Divine Navigation we believe that your business is simply the vehicle you have chosen to evolve your own Soul. Another way we can think of it is the arena you’ve chosen in which to become the highest possible expression of your essence. With a spiritual business mentor by your side coaching you in your business, you’ll be called into your highest and best self again and again.   

  • Connecting the dots of where our personal healing will support our business expansion. Our businesses can only expand to the extent our own energetic capacity expands. This means letting go of what weighs us down and holds us back is the way to exponentially increase your business growth. In spiritual business coaching we take into account the whole person. If we think we can ignore our personal history, patterns and even traumas, we are likely to find ourselves in the same senseless self-sabotaging scenarios wondering why we can’t move past a certain point. The best spiritual business coaches and spiritual business mentors will be able to recognize your patterns and help you transmute them, liberating you to greater levels of success. 

  • Following the energy for what feels right and when. This is a very different approach to traditional business coaching. Knowing and sensing the divine timing of a project, when to move forward and when to wait, is a skill you’ll find in the best spiritual business coaches. As entrepreneurs we generally have more ideas than we can possibly implement in our lifetimes. This is where learning how to read and follow the energy will give us the competitive advantage of not chasing after seeming opportunities that actually keep us from doing what’s ours to do. 

While this is far from a complete list, this should begin to make clear how a spiritual business coach can support you fulfilling your true purpose. Choosing to run a conscious business is all that’s required to make spiritual business coaching an obvious choice for your business.  

Business Coach for Spiritual Coaches

While any business can see exceptional results through spiritual business coaching, the only kind of business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs including a spiritual coach or spiritual life coach as well as another spiritual business coach is a spiritual business coach. Traditional business coaching, business-as-usual business coaching, often derails these types of businesses. 

Spiritual coaches have a unique set of needs. When these coaches attempt to use externally referenced business practices that put metrics ahead of meaning, they often end up depleted and disillusioned.  

Working with a business coach for spiritual coaches can make all the difference in your success and satisfaction .  

A spiritual business coach is going to have the needed perspective, expertise and understanding to specifically support you in growing your spiritual coaching business. Far too frequently traditional business coaches try to pigeon-hole spiritual coaches into one of the four major niches – money, business, relationships and health – basically requiring them to deny their purpose and fit a mold.

If you are a spiritual coach in any market, this experience can feel inauthentic and disingenuous at best and soul-sucking and demoralizing at the worst. You wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve had a Business in Your Soul client be pulled off track and out of alignment from their divine purpose by a well meaning business coach. Luckily when they make their way to us, the misdirection is remedied. 

Since 2011, courageous men and women around the world have chosen Divine Navigation and committed to the extraordinary and transformative experience of Aligning with their Soul-through their Divine Coordinates. We invite you to also explore the journey of running the Business in Your Soul.®