Woman on beach at dusk holding the orb of her spiritual business ideas

Spiritual Business Ideas to Empower your Unique Purpose

If you’re searching for spiritual business ideas it’s clear that you are interested in looking beyond the obvious. You are motivated to make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives. You’re committed to people knowing themselves more deeply. Perhaps you’d like them to know their calling and support their spiritual journey. The question is which spiritual business ideas will support you in supporting others?

This deeper dive is a first step in contemplating a spiritual business that is designed to support others in their spiritual development and evolution. Unlike the highly conforming and widely known spiritual business modalities below, there’s a certain type of entrepreneur who craves participating in the personal and professional development of others, spiritually. 

There are multiple paths to consider and yet, most of the well-formulated, structured options appeal to those who already know we are interested in a particular topic or approach beforehand. For instance someone who develops a massage practice comes to their spiritual business differently (for example through a specific interest in the body), versus someone who feels they are meant to support people in their Soul’s awakening, such as a Spiritual Coach. Make sense? 

Top spiritual businesses to consider

Spiritual based careers come in many shapes and sizes. When you are considering starting a spiritual business often the first ideas that come to most are the usual suspects of the spiritual industry. Here are some examples of the top spiritual based business most people think of first:

  • Meditation Instructor
  • Spiritual Coach 
  • Massage Therapist
  • Life Coach
  • Yoga Healer/Yoga Teacher
  • Reiki Master
  • Holistic Nutritionist 
  • Well-ness Practitioner
  • Crystals Expert 
  • Akashic Records Reader
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Spiritual Business Coach
  • Astrologist, Numerologist (or the combination, Astro-numerologist)
  • Energy Healer
  • Movement Instructor (Nia, Azul, 5Elements)
  • Tai Chi or Qigong Instructor
  • Acupuncturist
  • Feng Shui practitioner
  • Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • Herbalist

This is by far not a complete list but you get the idea. Some of these may be more obvious to some than others. Some you can simply hang out a shingle and others require specific training and certification. Below we’ll explore some distinctions between the types of spiritual businesses that require certification and others where it makes sense to consider it.

Some spiritual business ideas are a combination of two or more spiritual modalities. For instance, the massage therapist that uses aromatherapy, the holistic nutritionist that utilizes ayurveda or the reiki master who includes crystals in their sessions. Ultimately, no matter which spiritual modality certification you choose, your spiritual business should be a unique expression of who you are.

Spiritual Modalities and Certification

It’s imperative for a practitioner or service provider of a service that includes hands-on work, such as a massage therapist, to be properly trained and certified. In some states hands on work also requires licensing. Anyone offering physical health related services and instruction such as a nutritionist (holistic or otherwise), acupuncturist or herbalist also call for specialized instruction. Even yoga instructors and some other movement practices where an education in anatomy and the like can save someone from physical injury are also strongly encouraged to pursue certification.

When it comes to non-hands-on work the opinions on necessity for certification vary widely. While some may be inspired to and able to combine their personal study with their direct personal spiritual experience together to create an entirely new modality that supports people on their spiritual path, there are definitely times to consider training with an expert in a specific spiritual modality. Always keep in mind that a certification is absolutely required before using anyone’s proprietary work, trademarks or brand name.

The advantages of a quality spiritual modality certification are:

  • Skills development
  • Inherited/Borrowed Credibility 
  • Proven system(s) to follow 
  • Brand recognition
  • Continuing education opportunities 
  • Quality control standards 
  • Duplicatable method(s) and results 
  • Optional ongoing business development support 

As you can see, having a certification in a specific spiritual modality can give you a serious leg up and reduce the learning curve in getting your spiritual business idea off the ground. The advantages identified above are the same elements to look for when evaluating the certification program that might be right for you. You want to be sure you are learning more than just a skill. You want to be sure you have a platform to lift you up as you get going as well as support you and your business as you grow. Certifications limited to training in the skill of the spiritual modality won’t actually help you build your spiritual business. 

Selecting the right spiritual based business for you

If you’ve been thinking “I want to start a spiritual business,” by this point you are likely asking “what’s the right spiritual business idea for me?” While the answer to that question is deeply personal and generally warrants a private exploration within a dedicated container to bring forward the business in your Soul, here are a few questions to get you started to hone in on your soul aligned spiritual business idea:

  • Which area of the spiritual industry appeals to you most? 
  • Do you desire to work with people privately or in groups?
  • Which are you more drawn to? Working with people’s emotions? mindset? physical body? or spiritual connection?
  • How do you feel about touching people with hands-on modalities?
  • Are you inspired to support people in discovering their unique purpose or in creating a business with their purpose?
  • How confident are you in your current level of your own spiritual development?
  • Who do you see yourself as in the world? 
  • Do you have an affinity for writing? Speaking? Facilitating? Or training?
  • What service delivery method are you drawn to? In-person? Or online?
  • Is there a certain population or avatar you have a heart for? Are they a certain age, gender or cultural background?
  • What is the precise transformation you dream of creating for those people? 

As you answer these questions, a certain picture may begin to take form around what your spiritual based business could look like. What part of this discovery were you already aware of? Which of your answers came as a surprise to you? When it comes to being a spiritual entrepreneur you are likely to move through your own personal evolution within your work so be careful not to hold your current vision too tightly. Be sure to allow your Soul to shift and expand your vision as you get closer to the right spiritual based business for you.

How to Brand your Business 

Branding your spiritual business is equal parts inspiration and intuition. Different from traditional branding methods which are solely based on the ideal client, when it comes to branding your spiritual business we want to be sure to keep you in the equation. You are the container for your business. I\n essence, we could say that at least initially you are the product.

Be cautious about investing too much time, energy or resources into branding your spiritual business before you conduct a deep exploration with a trusted guide and have some clients under your belt. Yes, this is counter to the business-as-usual business model that says you need a name, a logo and a website before you get started. Not only is that not true; it’s not advisable. 

You will naturally go through an evolution of your work as you are first getting your spiritual business off the ground. If you focus on flashy branding too soon, you’ll likely be wasting your money. Chances are relatively high that you’ll just have to do it all over again once the business in your Soul has made itself known. 

Rather than forcing it, allow it to be revealed to you. This form of soul branding for your spiritual business helps ensure you are staying true to yourself, and fulfilling your unique purpose while serving your ideal soul-aligned clients.