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Several years back I was introduced to a gentleman who asked what I did. Responding with the shortest answer that day I said  "I am a spiritual business coach."

His eyebrows raised and he asked "A spiritual business coach? Or a spiritual business coach?"

I said "BOTH!" 

No matter what type of business you have or want, you can learn how to improve your business spiritually. And infuse your business with Soul. This is what people respond to most, btw...

In fact, as business owners we have a personal responsibility to make our decisions from a higher level of consciousness as we move forward. Collectively we have the power to change the paradigm of commerce to one where people are valued at least as much or more than profit, where long term ramifications are as important as short term gains, and where our bank accounts are increased by acting in accordance with our deepest held values.

Do you dream of making a paycheck with your purpose? How about making a difference while making a great living? Maybe you want to know how to start a spiritual business. It is possible to serve others while serving yourself! 

There are some really important things to consider before you take the leap. Commonly when people decide to start a business they begin with what they think will sell and what they have skills in already.  I'm here to tell you that you will never find the success or satisfaction you seek if you only focus on what's safe and what you already know. If you are truly following the calling of your Soul, you may be headed in a new direction. 

Now maybe you already identify as a "spiritual/energy" business. Your business is automatically going to be different from traditional businesses. And business-as-usual business methods likely haven't worked well for you. If they have worked fairly well,  you probably don't care for them. Your business has different requirements and objectives that need to be addressed in order for you to help the most people possible and find the success you are seeking. 


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The Spiritual Business Coach for Entrepreneurs

A spiritual business coach for entrepreneurs, while they generally perform the functions of a regular business coach, are also much more than just a business coach. In traditional business coaching we are generally looking at mechanics, metrics and maybe messaging. A spiritual business coach is going to look beyond the container of the business and…
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what is a mastermind group

What is a Mastermind Group: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

What is a mastermind group? Many have asked the question resulting in just as many answers. Even though a widely used term it seems to be just as widely misunderstood. A term first introduced by Napoleon Hill in his iconic book Think and Grow Rich, the term mastermind and mastermind group have come to hold…
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Powerful Lessons from Bob Marley for Your Life and Your Business

Bob Marley is without question an icon and a legend. (I suppose that’s why they named one of his albums Legend.) Aside from his music, he is known as a powerful peace advocate. In 2024 the biopic movie, One Love, was released about his life.  I was blessed to be introduced to Bob Marley’s music…
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Concrete steps with quote about leaving a legacy on the risers

Leaving a Legacy Behind

If we’re honest with ourselves, leaving a legacy sounds a little daunting, doesn’t it? Evoking images of saving the planet, ending starvation, eliminating suffering or the likes, it can feel like we are way too small to make such a big difference.  By default we tend to think of legends like Martin Luther King, Mother…
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What is a Spiritual Coach and Who Should Hire One

The term spiritual coach and spiritual life coach are often used synonymously. While there are many similarities there are also differences. When you are considering hiring a spiritual coach (or spiritual life coach), there may be some nuances to consider.  Let’s start with the similarities. Both a spiritual coach and a spiritual life coach are…
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high income skills

High Income Skills: Do You Make the Grade?

High income skills continue to be on the minds of business owners and employees alike. These special skills set your business apart from the would-be competition in the marketplace as well as the job market. Cultivating high income skills in one’s self as well as your team imperative. These skills are going to become more…
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a business with soul

 Creating a Business with Soul

Creating a  business with Soul may seem like a pipe dream. Just the term business can conjure up cutthroat, profit-at-all-cost sorts of images like oil spills and chemical contaminated crops. What does Soul even have to do with business?  Thankfully we are at the dawning of a new age. More and more business owners, especially…
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conscious business

 Conscious Business: Intelligence with Soul

Conscious business, as described by prominent voices in the space, means finding your passion and expressing your essence through your work. A conscious business seeks to promote the intelligent pursuit of happiness in all its stakeholders. Of course business needs to be profitable – otherwise it’s not a business for very long! Conscious business recognizes…
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soul tribe circle of feet in sand

Soul Tribe and Our Sense of Belonging

Soul tribe; the perhaps mythical place where we feel a deep sense of belonging and connection. Where we are valued for our inherent worth and our divine perfection is reflected back to us. Where we are affirmed in our existence and affirmed of our place in it. The desire to find our Soul Tribe is…
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Large oak tree surrounded by mist with light shining through

The 4 Elements of Alchemy in Life and in Business

With the 4 elements of alchemy no matter which philosophy or spiritual lineage we consult we find an overlap. From Native American traditions to Chinese Medicine, the lineage and heritage of the four elements are represented across cultures and across the globe. These alchemical elements are said to be the basis for all life –…
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what if i'd missed it

What if I missed it?

Fourteen years ago my Soul spoke to me. Well, it was less like a voice and more like a lightning bolt. It’s the reason I am where I am today. What if I’d missed it? Nearly twelve years ago, my Soul spoke to me again. In a client session when another process I was using…
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mission vs purpose

Purpose vs Mission Distinctions for Savvy Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, purpose vs mission is an important distinction in the development of your business. Without this delineation it’s far too easy to blend into the sea of sameness that is the modern marketplace. In order to cut through all the noise and truly stand out in this day and age, how clear you…
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soul purpose-the definition of soul purpose

Soul Purpose: The Definitive Guide

Soul Purpose and its definition popularly tends to focus on what you are here to do and who you are here to serve. Sure, that can be part of your Soul Purpose. But if it’s not; that doesn’t mean you don’t have one. After all, it’s not just entrepreneurs and business owners that got tapped…
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Woman on beach at dusk holding the orb of her spiritual business ideas

Spiritual Business Ideas to Empower your Unique Purpose

If you’re searching for spiritual business ideas it’s clear that you are interested in looking beyond the obvious. You are motivated to make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives. You’re committed to people knowing themselves more deeply. Perhaps you’d like them to know their calling and support their spiritual journey. The question is…
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statue of spiritual deity with offerings of coins

Spiritual Entrepreneur or One In the Making: 13 Qualities to Cultivate

Spiritual Entrepreneurs are changing the world. In fact, they may be the only ones who can. Let’s face it, no matter how you look at it there’s a lot that needs changing or improving in the world. That’s why spiritual entrepreneurs are needed now more than ever. While the business-as-usual business model puts profit above…
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Young boy looking through binoculars while sitting on a stack of antique suitcases

Do Paid Discovery Sessions Lead To More Coaching Clients?

The Discovery Session (also known as a Strategy Session) is a fundamental strategy for client enrollment in the coaching industry as well as for healing programs and personal and spiritual development trainings. However, the way most coaches and healers are using this strategy isn’t working for them as effectively as it could be. The most…
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Beautiful sunset with heart in a glass jar. Protecting your heart from being used

Being Used By The Universe

Being used often has a negative connotation. As in “I was being used for them to get what they wanted from me” or “I was taken advantage of.” Yet knowing how to tell when you are being used for a greater purpose is important if you are to fulfill your purpose and role on the…
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Holding a light of inspiration with purpose

222 Purpose Quotes for Finding Your Purpose and Living Your Purpose

Here you’ll find a compilation of 222 purpose quotes collected and hand-selected to support you on your journey of finding your purpose and living your purpose. Whether you are still hoping to find your purpose or feel like you are already living your purpose, we can all use a little inspiration from time to time Living…
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drawer with ideas

Turning Ideas Into Action

Turning ideas into action is hands down one of life’s most satisfying experiences.  So, why is it that taking action on your ideas is so rare? How many times have you heard of someone who had an idea but didn’t act on it only to find out someone else had a similar thought (if not…
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One Thing That is Guaranteed to Jeopardize your Spiritual Business

The One Thing That is Guaranteed to Jeopardize your Spiritual Business

When we think about what makes a business a spiritual business, one of the key distinctions is a commitment to service. The word service is at the forefront for most conscious entrepreneurs these days. While what that looks like and how that shows up continues to grow and evolve. On the surface we may think…
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soul alignment abundance

Alignment with your Soul is your key to abundance

When we are in struggle or don’t have the level of abundance we desire, it is easy to fall into the trap of doing more, working harder and pushing to make something happen. But abundance is not solely a result of action (read that again). If it were we could all do the exact same…
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Woman with long dark hair sitting cross legged on floor playing a metal signing bowl

When Helping Comes at Too High a Cost

As a transformational entrepreneur and helping professional, I know you have a huge heart. You probably didn’t start your business because you wanted to run a business. You started your business because you wanted to help.   You can’t help but help!   You feel someone’s pain and you want to help them heal.  …
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Now is not the time to lose focus

The holiday season is upon us! Frankly, due to commercialization, it gets earlier and earlier every year it seems.  Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or the Solstice, the energy of merriment is in the air! These days beginning with Halloween the world goes into hyper-drive with celebrations rolling through Thanksgiving continuing through the year’s…
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Person sitting cross legged holding an amethyst crystal in their right hand

Why the Business as Usual Business Model Will Never Work for You

Here’s the deal; the business as usual business planning models will never work for you because you are not a business as usual business owner. Right? There is something bigger than you that you are committed to bringing to the world. You want to make a difference in the world and you want to make…
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flowing river pushing through boulders with lush green tress on both sides

Push Through or Go with the Flow?

Push Through? Or go with the flow? Our days are often filled with moments where we are repeatedly faced with the choice: Do we forward our agenda or go where the universe is leading us? 
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