What is a spiritual business?

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Several years back I was introduced to a gentleman who asked what I did. Responding with the shortest answer that day I said  "I am a spiritual business coach."

His eyebrows raised and he asked "A spiritual business coach? Or a spiritual business coach?"

I said "BOTH!" 

No matter what type of business you have or want, you can learn how to improve your business spiritually. And infuse your business with Soul. This is what people respond to most, btw...

In fact, as business owners we have a personal responsibility to make our decisions from a higher level of consciousness as we move forward. Collectively we have the power to change the paradigm of commerce to one where people are valued at least as much or more than profit, where long term ramifications are as important as short term gains, and where our bank accounts are increased by acting in accordance with our deepest held values.

Do you dream of making a paycheck with your purpose? How about making a difference while making a great living? Maybe you want to know how to start a spiritual business. It is possible to serve others while serving yourself! 

There are some really important things to consider before you take the leap. Commonly when people decide to start a business they begin with what they think will sell and what they have skills in already.  I'm here to tell you that you will never find the success or satisfaction you seek if you only focus on what's safe and what you already know. If you are truly following the calling of your Soul, you may be headed in a new direction. 

Now maybe you already identify as a "spiritual/energy" business. Your business is automatically going to be different from traditional businesses. And business-as-usual business methods likely haven't worked well for you. If they have worked fairly well,  you probably don't care for them. Your business has different requirements and objectives that need to be addressed in order for you to help the most people possible and find the success you are seeking. 


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Now is not the time to lose focus

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