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Spiritual Entrepreneur or One In the Making: 13 Qualities to Cultivate

Spiritual Entrepreneurs are changing the world. In fact, they may be the only ones who can. Let’s face it, no matter how you look at it there’s a lot that needs changing or improving in the world. That’s why spiritual entrepreneurs are needed now more than ever.

While the business-as-usual business model puts profit above all else, spiritual entrepreneurs put purpose, people and the planet above profit. They combine making money with making a difference. They are driven by purpose more than profit. They refuse to compromise people and the planet to make a buck.

Most commonly people think of spiritual entrepreneurs as coaches, healers, seminar leaders, retreat leaders and the like, but you can be a spiritual entrepreneur in literally any profession. Being a spiritual entrepreneur isn’t just about the type of business you run. It’s also about how you run that business. Let’s look at being a spiritual entrepreneur from each of these angles.

Signs That You Are a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Today we are seeing more and more business owners identify as spiritual entrepreneurs. This could be the owner of an actual spiritual business or a business owner who is running their business from a spiritual perspective (matters not what spiritual perspective that might be). Either way, there are a handful of indicators on how to know if you are a spiritual entrepreneur.

Common Characteristics of Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

  1. Hold a vision of healing for humanity. Anyone who has a specific difference they desire for humanity is a healer on some level. So, whether you think of yourself as a healer or not, likely you are. Any change or transformation at its essence is a healing. A spiritual entrepreneur sees a world where humanity is relieved of suffering and is motivated to do their part to bring that vision about. What’s the world you want to live in?

  2. Have a purpose greater than themselves. While the general objective of a business is to make money, spiritual entrepreneurs are first and foremost committed to making a difference. They are dedicated to helping their fellow man in a specific way based on their own healing journey. Many have had previous successful careers but felt a calling to serve humanity in a new way. This sense of service drives them to strike out on their own in order to help others. How are you called to serve?

  3. Use their personal journey to support others. Often spiritual entrepreneurs have been through experiences and gained expertise in a specific area of life and are now dedicated to supporting others on a similar journey. Like the life insurance agent, whose father died when she was a child leaving her mother and eight kids nearly destitute because he didn’t have life insurance. She is dedicated to ensuring no other family lives through the same hardship. Or the cancer survivor who uses her own healing journey to support others through her health and wellness coaching. How can your own struggle and healing contribute to others?

  4. Intuition or Divine Guidance plays an important role in running their business. Although not all spiritual entrepreneurs are aware they are using intuition to make decisions in their business, you can bet they are. Most just know what feels “right” to them and they do it. Others are clear that alignment is key before they make a move. In either case, they rely more on their own internal compass than external rules and paradigms. What are the ways you allow intuition to guide you in your business?

  5. Guided by their principles. While plenty of businesses have grandiose claims of principles, too often those principles are the first thing to go by the wayside when they cost too much or get in the way of profit. Spiritual entrepreneurs are much more likely to remain true to their personal spiritual principles even when it “costs” them. What ideals are in the forefront of your business?

  6. More committed to making a difference than making money. Before you go thinking this means that spiritual entrepreneurs don’t make money, think again. You can absolutely make great money without it being the driving force in your business. The distinction here is that spiritual entrepreneurs don’t sacrifice their purpose or their principles, people or the planet just to make money. Not all profit is divine profit. Are you making divine profits in your business?

  7. Break the mold. No matter what industry you look at there’s generally a “way it’s done.” The spiritual entrepreneur, however, tends to do it their way. With their purpose leading the way, their unique life experience, being guided by their intuition and principles with a commitment to making a difference (while making a great living!) they are more apt to pave their own trail than follow precisely in someone else’s footsteps. When’s a time you did it your way?

  8. Have a unique perspective and voice. While the world has us convinced that we shouldn’t rock the boat, taking a stand, getting on your “soapbox,” and speaking out (granted that last part is the hardest to do at first) are hallmarks of a spiritual entrepreneur. The world isn’t changed by our conformity, it’s changed by our conviction. The contrarian concept that drives Divine Navigation is that it’s not only entrepreneurs who got tapped on the head by the purpose fairy. What’s the controversial concept that drives your business?

  9. Inspire others to inspire others. Yes, you will have a direct impact and reach through your business but it’s the desire for the ripple effect that motivates a spiritual entrepreneur. When one person is transformed it creates transformation in their homes, communities and workplaces. Reaching one person who reaches one person, who reaches one, who reaches one person (a very conservative estimate!) eventually transforms the world. Think of a time when your work made a difference for more than just your client.

  10. Continue to evolve and grow. Most spiritual entrepreneurs have been on a spiritual journey for quite some time. That doesn’t mean they feel they have “arrived.” They continue to be dedicated to their own personal growth and evolution above all else. In fact, on the surface, it’s assumed that one is simply using their business to make money. A true spiritual entrepreneur uses their business to evolve their own Soul. How has your business expanded your own capacity?

  11. Measure success differently. Most of society measures success primarily in achievement, accomplishment and acquisition. Spiritual entrepreneurs, however, often measure success based on things like their clients’ success, their own creative expression, lifestyle desires (such as time off and travel), flexible schedule and general well-being before profit. Again, that doesn’t mean there’s not a profit but that’s not the only meaningful metric in a spiritual business. What’s the most meaningful metric in your business?

  12. Support their business through their spiritual practices. Regardless of industry or profession, we find that spiritual entrepreneurs use their own spiritual beliefs and practices as a business strategy. Whether it’s a meditation practice, intention setting, prayer, yoga philosophy, or other spiritual rituals, they see their disciplines as foundational in supporting their business. They don’t skip these practices when their schedule gets demanding. Instead they double down on them. What spiritual practices do you use to support you and your business?

  13. Change the world by being true to themselves (and their Soul). At the end of the day, what the world needs most is for each of us to show up as who we were designed to be. Falling into all too common traps of being who we think we should be (instead of who we truly are) will actually keep us from fulfilling our purpose and changing the world through our work. Running the business your Soul wants you to, in the way your Soul wants you to, will always take you further, faster toward your impact and income goals than any of the fad marketing strategies. In what ways could you show up even more fully as yourself?

While this is by far an exhaustive list, it definitely provides some insight on whether or not you are a spiritual entrepreneur. What are other indicators that come to you?

How do you know if you are a spiritual entrepreneur?

The Dali Lama said, “the world will be saved by the western woman.” As the world continues to struggle on so very many fronts, it’s really you, the spiritual entrepreneur that will change the world.

Your vision for the world is key to solving the world’s problems. Your own healing will initiate the healing of others. Your commitment to your own continued evolution will evolve the world. This is how you know.

Supporting your clients, growing your business, all the while making certain to stay vigilant for indicators that you are not aligned with your divine purpose. All the while serving yourself while you serve humanity. All the while making a paycheck from your purpose. Here’s to our future. And to good business planning.

Since 2011, courageous men and women around the world have chosen Divine Navigation and committed to the extraordinary and transformative experience of Aligning with their Soul – through their Divine Coordinates. We invite you to also explore the journey of living your Divine Purpose.