When to stay silent and when to speak up

In the wake of the election results, I’ve been silent. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say though. I just needed some time to let it settle within me. Until now there was not space in my schedule to allow for that. It was time to stay silent and now it’s time to speak up.

Tuesday evening, I was at dinner with Certified Divine Navigation Coach, Beverly DeLorenzo, who was on the mainland from Maui. We were very excited to get to spend some time together in person for the first time in a year.

Part way through dinner, we started peeking at the election results and were shocked. This was not at all the way either one of us had imagined our time together. To me, the results seemed a forgone conclusion – and this wasn’t the one I had in mind!

Now to be clear, this is NOT a political conversation. Frankly, I disagree on many points with BOTH sides. This is a consciousness conversation. And I had, apparently falsely, thought that as a society we had come further than we apparently have.

As we sat at dinner we asked “How could this be? This feels like we are going backward not forward.”

I am aware that I live a somewhat insulated life. I don’t watch the news or read the paper. I do listen to NPR when I’m in the car but that’s not very often since I work from home. I know if something important happens either someone will tell me or I’ll see it on social media.

In any way I can, I choose very consciously to keep my environment “clean.” From the people I spend time with to the thoughts I think, to what I put in my body and what comes out of my mouth, I do my best to reach for a higher vibration consistently.

I’m not naive, I know that not everyone operates the same way I do but I really thought there were more of us. Apparently we haven’t reached the “100th monkey” quite yet. And in my mind, that’s where the opportunity lies.

No matter which side of the spectrum your opinions fall on, we all have an opportunity at this pivotal time to consciously choose how we will move forward. To choose how we will show up in the world. It’s time to truly be who we say we are.


When it comes to policy or opinions, a personal argument or your purpose; what’s on the surface is rarely what you are actually after. Behind any external desire, lies an specific energetic experience you are wanting.

To understand the root of your desires you must look beyond the surface to see what it is you are attempting to move TOWARD when you desire change. Stop staying “not this” and instead say “that, please.”


Stop fighting against something and start fighting for something.


For every one of us that is feeling despair, fear or grief, about this outcome, there is something you were wanting out of the election results that you are falsely believing you have lost access to. Not true!

In fact, no matter the outcome, you were never going to get the experience you are unconsciously seeking from the president or anyone else or anything else for that matter. You and only you are the source of that. The trouble is you probably aren’t conscious to what you were after in the first place.

We have been misguidedly taught that outer circumstances create our reality. In truth, it is your inner experience that creates your reality. Two people can have the same exact external circumstances and be having completely different experiences.

Even when we believe that reaching a certain milestone or acquiring some material possession will give us what we wanted, it is not those things that are the source of our joy or fulfillment. We can only experience through our feelings (and believe it or not you can change those in an instant!) and our feelings only happen within us.

So, if you understand that your desire for that beach house is so you can feel peaceful, you can skip the ridiculous mortgage and create peace right now, here, in this moment. For another, that same beach house might mean that they have a place for their family to gather and connect with one another. Again, you don’t need to have the potential burden of upkeep and maintenance of a house in order to feel connection. Create that within yourself and then invite others into that experience with you.

Identify the experience, stand for that experience and invite others into that experience with you.


For me, the experience I most want is the Empowerment of Truth. The way that I achieve that is through (Emotional) Authenticity and (Connecting with) Possibility. And why I want that is so that we can all Recognize the Potential within ourselves and for one another. For those of you who are more familiar, you probably recognize these as my Divine Coordinates®. These are the only energies I experience as fulfilling. Any others that I experience as pleasurable are somehow sourced from these energies.

Now more than ever it is time. It is time to stand for something. Not just anything. It’s time to stand for the Divine Being that you are designed to be. It’s time to live, work and relate from your soul; not your personality. It is time to identify, activate and radiate your Divine Coordinates®.

Be in service to the world by being in service to your soul.