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The 4 Elements of Alchemy in Life and in Business

With the 4 elements of alchemy no matter which philosophy or spiritual lineage we consult we find an overlap. From Native American traditions to Chinese Medicine, the lineage and heritage of the four elements are represented across cultures and across the globe.

These alchemical elements are said to be the basis for all life – people, the planet, plants and animals. We must have these four elements to sustain life in any form. So how do we apply the 4 elements in our lives and businesses?

What are the 4 Elements of Life

The human body literally requires the 4 elements of life in order to survive. When we walk through the four elements you’ll see how obvious they are. What you might not see at first is how to apply the alchemical elements to your life and business in a way that not only sustains you but ensures you thrive in all areas of life as you were meant to.

What it takes to care for a person is pretty clear. Let’s start take a look at each of the elements and their role in our survival. We’ll begin with the element of Water. Our bodies are made up of mostly water. While we can live without food for weeks, humans cannot live without water for more than three days. That’s the physical significance of the element of water. But what is the alchemical meaning of water?

Water: You are meant to Feel

The alchemical correspondence to water is feeling. The very first of the “senses” to come online in utero is feeling. However, it’s also the very first sense to go “offline” after we are born. At some point, inevitably far too young, we experience something that is painful and we shut off our feelings. With care and compassion, we must learn to feel again.

The next alchemical element is Air. What’s the very first thing we do when we are born? We breathe. If we don’t we panic everyone involved. That first breath is considered the indicator of viable life in humans. Without breath we can’t live.

Air: You are meant to become Conscious

The alchemical correspondence to Air is consciousness. Modern man has been conditioned to be driven by our thoughts. However, thinking is not the same as consciousness. Too often, thinking is a repetitive process based on the limited awareness of your conscious mind (of which is reportedly only about 5% of your mind). Consciousness is about expanding your awareness beyond what you “know” into what you don’t know that you know.

The next of the 4 elements is Earth. We need the element of Earth for both our nourishment and shelter as provided by Mother Gaia. While one might think the element of Earth would get higher billing, our feelings and our thoughts are more closely tied to our Soul and make up the physical expression of our bodies; Earth.

Earth: You are meant to be Embodied

Here we correlate Earth to embodiment. At first this might seem like a strange concept. After all, you have a body right? How could you not be embodied? Well, if you aren’t feeling and aren’t conscious I can pretty much guarantee that you aren’t in your body. Bringing your awareness back into your body is the first step to being in harmony with your nature and with Nature.

There is one more of the four elements left to consider; Fire. Physically and metaphorically the element of Fire is a necessary element in our survival. In its original form, sunlight warms both us and the earth. It causes chemical reactions both in plants and ourselves that produce vital nutrients that promote health and growth. When focused and magnified, sunlight creates physical flame that literally changed the trajectory of man.

Fire: You meant to connect to your Light

Metaphysically the alchemical correspondence of Fire is your Light. You are born with a spark of the Creator (or God or The Universe, whatever your word for Source is) within you. In fact, you yourself are an unique expression of All That Is. Your ability to connect with and share that divinity within you is predicated on how much water, air and earth you hold. The first three elements are what charges the battery of your Light.

The 4 Elements of Spiritual Business

What it takes to care for a person is pretty clear. The human body requires the four elements in order to survive. Water – that one’s obvious. Air – breath. Earth – food. Fire – sunlight. This is the minimum requirement to sustain life. But what does it take to sustain a business? What are the 4 elements of spiritual business?

If you’re a business owner, the Soul of your business needs the 4 elements of alchemy as much as you do. To sustain a Business with Soul, it takes the same four elements but in different forms. Keeping in mind the alchemical correspondences of each of the four elements we’ve already explored, now, let’s apply them to your spiritual business.

Water: Stay present to your Why in business

At some point in our business building we inevitably fall prey to external referencing and forget why we started our business in the first place. What was the initial soul calling to start your business and serve humanity in this way?

Staying present to our Why and the feelings that inspired us in the first place can be challenging when day to day operations are demanding your attention. But if we let ourselves forget why we are really doing what we are doing we are guaranteed to experience frustrations and lack of business growth. Feeling your passion and purpose is what expands and grows your business.

Air: Use your Intuition to guide your strategy

When it comes to conscious business, there are many theories and philosophies. The most obvious is considering what impact your business dealings are having on people and the planet. Look around and you’ll find plenty of evidence of the dangers of allowing profit to trump all.

Another way consciousness and awareness plays a role in your business is by using your intuition. The most successful and well-known entrepreneurs across the ages all credit the “hunches” and “gut instincts” to their successes. What role does intuition play in your business?

Going unconscious and solely leaning on strategy in our business planning is the #1 reason for failing business models once filled with possibility and potential. When you employ soulful business planning you get the best of both worlds. Strategy plus inspiration.

Earth: Act in Alignment with your Purpose

Here is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. Armed with your Why and using your Intuition to guide you, your actions should more effortlessly be in alignment with your Purpose. This is imperative. When running a spiritual business in particular, we can far too easily get pulled off track by the business-as-usual business models we see out there.

Following the well-worn paths of others and over-modeling our mentors or colleagues, no matter how well meaning, can end up taking us off course. Alignment with your Soul is the key to your success. That will mean that sometimes you’ll be zigging when others are zagging. But rest assured, when your actions are congruent with your soul purpose others will notice and be drawn to you.

Fire: Shine your Light

The spark of the Divine that is you is most often what inspires people to start a business that makes a difference. The urging to share the gifts of your Soul in service to humanity is a key indicator of a spiritual entrepreneur or one in the making. Your ability to connect with and share the divinity within you is what will magnetize your ideal clients, partners and opportunities to you.

As a business owner, the Soul of your business needs as much Water, Air, Earth and fire as your body does. Staying present to your Why, Using your Intuition to guide you, Acting in alignment with your Purpose and Shining your Light are the 4 elements of spiritual business. Apply them to ensure you are running a business with soul – and the business in your Soul.

Your Soul is your ever faithful companion, always with you, loving you, waiting patiently for you to come home. Never is this truer than in the business you decide to create and offer to the world. Connecting with your Soul through the 4 elements of alchemy in life and business will lead you to your highest expression and purpose.

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