The Business in Your Soul®

Make the Money and the Difference You Were Meant To

Soul Purpose of Business


While most of the world sees the sole purpose of business as making a profit, we are more interested in the Soul purpose of business. You see, while the usual approach to starting a business tends to be “what will make money?,” we know that building a business with Soul is always the way to go. 

It’s not one or the other - purpose or profit. Making a difference and making good money do not have to be mutually exclusive. They always go together when you build a business based on your Purpose. In fact, far more people struggle when starting a business solely motivated by profit. Why? Because their Soul simply isn’t in it.

 In those moments of fatigue and frustration, it’s your Soul that will see you through - as long as you are building a business of Purpose. The key is to make sure you understand your Soul purpose of business.  

There’s the purpose of a business and then there’s a business of Purpose…


Business Purpose with Soul


Having a business purpose with Soul is easier than you might think. It starts with you; the business owner. You are the container for your business right from the start. Your Soul called you to use business for a purpose greater than yourself. It's your Soul’s calling that got you here.

A Soul calling business is something that might not make a lot of sense from the outside but you feel it on the inside. You feel the pull of your Soul calling you to use the vehicle of business to fulfill your Purpose in the world. 

You’re ready for the business in your Soul. 


The Purpose

Business Builder

Our focus in the Business Builder phase is to identify the business in your Soul, then design your business model, offers and delivery systems in alignment with your Soul. The archaic outside-in approach to business design that exclusively focuses on the mechanics and marketing is missing the most fundamental components of building a business based on purpose - meaning and message.

The meaning is what’s meaningful to you about this business you are building. Specifically, what’s really motivating you - your Soul’s motivation - to take on this mission. If your motivation is connected to any achievement, acquisition or accomplishment, you’ll be far less likely to see it through. Our Soul’s motivation (the peak of your Divine Coordinates®) will drive you further faster than anything else out there. 

The other foundational component of The Business in Your Soul® is your message. Yep, you guessed it. Your Soul’s message. While this is different from a marketing message it will inform your marketing message. Revealing what you are really here to do in the world. Right here is the real reason people will be drawn to work with you no matter how flashy your marketing is or isn’t. 


Brand Builder

Now’s the time to get known for your purpose. As a Brand Builder, you’re prepared for more. You’ve got a solid foundation for your business based on purpose and people are starting to take notice. You’ve got duplicatable results for your clients and customers and consistent revenue for yourself. In this phase your voice and visibility are the focus. 

Finding your voice is what really sets your message apart when it comes to being a Brand Builder. Making it clear what you stand for and how your work benefits people is more than just posting a bunch of stuff on social media. A clear message shared with consistency creates credibility. And that will go a long way toward building your brand as a business of purpose.

By extension your visibility will increase and so will your impact. When it comes to visibility that includes where and how you are seen and by whom. Making sure you are getting in front of the right people at the right time is part of any business but especially for a business with Soul. 


The Path


The Payoff

Legacy Builder

You’ve done it. The business in your Soul has become a reality. How far do you want to take it? What lifespan do you envision for your business based on Purpose? For some of us, we may be thrilled to make a great living for ourselves that quietly leaves a lasting impact beyond our years. Others are Legacy Builders.

You’re ready for this stage when you have a proven process with predictable results that’s also duplicatable and transferable to others. Here’s where licensing and certification programs become real possibilities. It can be easy to want to skip ahead to this phase because it’s so sexy. But it’s not advisable. 

Ensuring that your work lives on even after you’re gone takes intention and integrity. The people’s lives you touch along the way make it worth it to wait and make it possible to actually reach the Legacy Builder stage. Be unwilling to compromise or take shortcuts and it will pay off for everyone involved. 


Business Built on Purpose


Whether you see yourself as a Business Builder, a Brand Builder or a Legacy Builder, you are dreaming of a business built on Purpose. On purpose. And on purpose. This means never losing sight of what your Soul purpose of business is. It also means being purposeful about the choices you make, the actions you take, the marketing you do, the systems you use and the mentors you select.


Personal Mastery

Divine Next Step


Business Mastery