The Journey back to YOU

None of us is on our journey alone. Me included!

You may not be aware of the other amazing women that walk along side me at Divine Navigation. A few weeks ago it became clear to me that it was important for me to share them with you!

This week I am sharing with you the one and only Aimee Phlegar. Aimee holds the record for completing her Divine Navigation Coach Certification in the shortest time ever. I joked with her that she must have been listening to me in her sleep!

During her tenure in my Business in Your Soul® program she developed her program “The Journey” where she guides women to reclaim their personal power, and access their divine gifts so they can live their purpose.

Her Divine Coordinates® of Awakening Empowerment through Self-Acceptance and Recognition Expressing Personal Truth, she is divinely suited to carry on this work!

Aimee says, “Our purpose on this earth is not merely to take up space, but to create a fulfilling, gratifying, and peaceful life, all while sharing our special gifts with the world.” I couldn’t agree more!

And we both agree that your Divine Coordinates are the key!

Today I’m elated to get share to share a taste of Aimee’s brilliance with you by announcing the release of her book, The Journey: Your Path to YOU!

In Aimee’s book you will find…

  • Self-Acceptance: Are you ready to release the suffering that is holding you back?
  • Empowerment: Are you ready to realign with your personal truth? Are you ready to fully recognize and honor who YOU truly are?
  • Your Purpose: Are you ready to reclaim and live your full power?


Take The Journey with Aimee and rediscover and reclaim the true YOU!

Available now on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, iBook and more!

Get your copy here today!

Live your Light!


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