The risk you must take

A while back I was asked if I had always been a risk taker. I giggled a bit because I really don’t think of myself that way. After all, I don’t particularly care for roller coasters, scary movies or adrenaline inducing events like bungee jumping or sky diving.

But, let’s face it, daring to live an authentic life is a risk. Committing to pursuing your dream of being your own boss is a risk. Speaking up and speaking out for what you believe in, is a risk. Changing directions when you realize you’ve gotten off track is a risk.

I posed this question to my Purpose Mastery group this week…

Bring to mind the most extraordinary person that you can imagine. Don’t think about it too long. Just the first one that comes into your awareness will do.

Who is that person?

Now ask yourself, how reasonable was that person? Did they follow societal norms? Did they do what was expected of them? Did they always do what made sense to others?

Heck no! If they had you wouldn’t even know their name now would you?

You may not make the history books but if you want the people in your life to one day say, “Wow, she really went for it,” or “He never let anything get in his way,” or maybe “I am so lucky I knew them.”

If you want to be a stand out individual it’s going to take at least a few risks, a dash of fearlessness and a hefty dose of your unique fabulousness.

Live your Light!