The Truth about Enlightenment

Chances are you’ve heard the word enlightenment before. In spiritual circles there is plenty of talk about reaching “enlightenment.” This is supposed to be the end game, the finish line, proof that one has “arrived.” But do you really know what enlightenment means?

The modern dictionary defines enlightenment as “to give intellectual or spiritual light to.” The kind of enlightenment we are seeking is not about knowledge or how much you know. After all, we have more information at our finger tips than at any other time in history. More than we could ever need or know what to do with.

All that knowledge certainly doesn’t seem to have helped us achieve any sort of elevation state has it?

Awhile back someone in my personal life was sharing their experience of completing an intake session with a new healing practitioner. The intake included covering all the major traumatic experiences of their life. Their recounting to me included how quickly they had moved through the intake according to them “because I am so enlightened!”

My response…. “You know, people who are actually enlightened don’t talk about how enlightened they are.”

The exchange got me thinking….. what IS enlightenment anyway?

The original definition, according to is from the late 14th century and means “to remove the dimness or blindness (usually figurative) from one’s eyes or heart.”

My friend has done A LOT of processing around their experiences and knows their stories inside and out. So knowledge is certainly not lacking. While initially a thorough and frank review of your experiences is paramount. In order to reach enlightenment there is one more crucial step required to actually achieve enlightenment.

One is not enlightened simply by being aware of the sources of what caused or causes pain or trauma. You will actually block yourself from enlightenment by continuing to recount and live out your stories of trauma, abandonment and betrayal.

Enlightenment is about knowing the source of the “dimness or blindness” and then letting…… it…….. GO.

Someone once said to me “you don’t talk about your past much.” My perspective is “why would I? It’s in the past!” Everything you know, everything you’ve experienced, everything you are carrying around with you that no longer serves just weighs you down.

Enlightenment is not a destination. It’s a moment by moment process of “removing the dimness,” the darkness, and living into the light and the light NESS of your original essence, your Divine Coordinates®,

The truth is enlightenment is not about how much you know. It’s about how much you can forget!

enLIGHTen yourself!