alone on the beach

It’s time to say goodbye

There are times in your life when you know something’s just got to change. A situation has run it’s course. A cycle is coming to an end.


You’ve been so good to me….. but it’s time to say goodbye…..


Goodbye to who I have been…….goodbye to what I have been……goodbye to where I have been.


This year of change will be filled with key moments when you have an opportunity to consciously bring an end to a cycle, situation or circumstance that has worn out its usefulness.



When you hang on to something that has out worn its usefulness it actually begins to become a burden in your life.



I’ve had one such “burden” in my life for the past year and a half. If you follow me on social media , you may have noticed that I have been going back and forth between California and my home in Colorado for quite some time. It sounds glamorous – until you’ve been doing it for a while. Then it starts to impact your sanity, your health and you productivity. It mostly get frustrating and exhausting.


For various reasons though I hadn’t been able and willing to let go of my house in Colorado. You can imagine a lot of “life” has happened for me in my nearly 20 years in this house. This house is where my world fell apart (more than once) and I put myself back together.


It’s where I found what I thought would be my forever love and set out to create a life with him only to return here to this home once again to heal my heart. It’s where my children grew into the extraordinary beings that they are. It’s where Divine Navigation was gifted to me from the heavens.


It has been the womb that birthed me into who I am today. There is even one particular room at the heart of the house that we refer to as “the cocoon” where I used to see clients and where I literally went through my own personal metamorphosis.


I have returned here again and again………

for respite, for relief and for renewal.



As you might imagine it was a hard choice to let it go. But it’s time. It had started to hold me back. What it was keeping me from began to outweigh what it was giving me. So it’s time to say goodbye…..


It is nothing less than Divine Timing that February’s energy is Completion. Even more accurately, it feels like a “culmination.” A simultaneous ending and beginning.


A moment when everything comes together and converges into the exact right time and space. A moment when you realize that everything you have been through has been in service to this very moment. A moment when you understand that before you can step through the portal into your future you need to let go of something.


It’s time to release the past and boldly step into my future. It’s time to focus on where I am going over where I have been. It’s time to complete that phase of life and begin another.


Now is a perfect opportunity to “complete” anything that might be holding you back or blocking your future. Whether it is an outdated agreement you have still been basing your life on, a way of thinking, or an identity that you took on but no longer serves, complete it in February.


Complete early; complete often; but whatever you do – complete. One step forward; don’t look back!


The best way I know of to be willing to release what and where you have been is to know who you are – not just who you’ve been or who you think you have to be. To have an intimate understanding of yourself as an infinite being – as a soul. To be able to name not just what you stand for but who you are on an energetic level. To know your Divine Coordinates®.