Woman in divine alignment with namaste hands in black and white

Understanding Divine Alignment and its Life Changing Benefits

The state of Divine Alignment is no longer just a mythical state only mystics are believed to be able to attain. It is actually possible – even imperative – for each and every one of us to achieve this state of being. You don’t have to quit your job, leave your marriage, abandon your kids or drop out of society in order to live life in this way. Believe it or not, it is possible to attain right where you are.

Divine Alignment is not about aligning with someone or something outside of yourself. It’s not some imagined ideal of perfection. It doesn’t mean you have to meditate all day or live in an ashram. It’s not based on dogma. It doesn’t mean you have to dedicate your life to religious or spiritual studies. It is something you can cultivate in your everyday life – every day.

So what is Divine Alignment? In simplest terms, it means to align with the Divine within you. Each and every one of us, as an individuated expression of the Divine, has a specific energetic frequency that we are designed to hold. Aligning with and vibrating at the frequency of your unique soul signature is really what Divine Alignment means.

What does Divine Alignment mean?

Your soul signature, what we at Divine Navigation call your Divine Coordinates, is made up of your unique energetic qualities in each of the centers of being. From the inception of your Soul, there is a specific energy your heart is divinely designed to hold, a specific energy your mind is designed to hold, another for your physical being and yet another for your spiritual being. When you align with each of these energetic qualities- again, completely unique to each of us, they culminate in a fifth energy and you have reached Divine Alignment.

When we talk about this state of being we are looking for consistency, not constancy. As we move through the world, we are given countless opportunities to align with things outside ourselves. To default to personality drivers over Soul Motivations. Yes, initially it takes a conscious effort to shift from self to Soul. Yet, it’s so very worth it.

Here are just some of what you can look forward to when you align with the Divine within you:

  1. You relax: So much of our life is spent chasing the next marker of achievement, acquisition or accomplishment. When you are living in alignment with the Divine, there’s no need for pushing or rushing. You get to relax into the moment and enjoy where you are on the way to where you are headed.

  2. You are present: Relaxing allows you to be fully present in the here and now. The need to ponder about the past or project ourselves into the future dissolves. The richness of the here and now is ours to relish in. This is where Divine Alignment instantly leads us to more fulfillment.

  3. You’re detached: Different from being disconnected – quite the opposite! Being detached is the mastery of not taking anything personally. Nothing is happening to you; no one is doing anything to you. Our personality loves to make it all about itself when so much that happens in our lives isn’t about us at all. We are often just in proximity when it’s occurring. Imagine living free from attachments and blame.

  4. You feel spacious and receptive: When you are relaxed, present and detached you have more access to our true energetic nature. Turning your attention to the vast spaciousness of your being makes you receptive to experiencing your own Divinity. Now things are really starting to get good!

  5. You don’t need to control: Having connected to the vastness of your being, there’s no longer any need to control. The need to control always comes from not feeling safe in some way. At this stage you know you are a child of the Universe and because your Soul is infinite and eternal, you can never really be unsafe.

  6. You become curious: From this place of internal safety, you can venture outside of your comfort zone and into unknown territory with confidence. You are able to be curious about what’s ahead, even when you don’t know the specifics. Instead of only taking the next step when you have all the answers, you can approach life with a sense of adventure. “I wonder what’s going to happen next?” becomes an empowering question instead of a disempowering one.

  7. You drop the ego agendas and personality drivers: Too often our lives are based on “external referencing” – am I measuring up? am I keeping up? – and comparisons. Frequently we are seeking what we think will solve our sense of “not enoughness.” But eventually, you learn that nothing outside of you can ever fill the hole where your Soul belongs. When you are experiencing Divine Alignment your truest desires and motivations can come forward.

  8. You let go of specific outcomes: Without agendas and personality drivers, you have a chance to “enjoy the ride.” You also discover that the old adage “it’s the journey, not the destination” is actually true. When we push and strive toward a particular outcome inevitably we arrive there only to find out that wasn’t “it” after all. Then we set out seeking once again. Who you become in the process is far more satisfying than a particular destination.

  9. You take aligned action: Just because we aren’t forcing a particular outcome doesn’t mean we are sitting around on our bums either. In this state, we practice “from not for.” Meaning all actions are initiated from alignment with the energy of your South Coordinate rather than unconsciously acting for the attainment of that energetic experience. Of course, all that “for” action has been entirely unconscious up until this point. Imagine all the energy we save when we take action in this Divinely Aligned way.

  10. You don’t feel compelled to know where you will end up: Feeling the joy in the journey as we take aligned action generally means we are less focused on the destination than on our destiny. While you may reach a specific destination through controlling and cajoling, you just might miss out on your destiny while you’re at it. Where our personality would take us isn’t necessarily where our authentic self would. In Divine Alignment, you are ensured to end up where you were meant to be headed.

  11. You look for and listen to signs and divine guidance: Again, this is not a stagnant, static experience. When you are living in Divine Alignment, there’s movement; there’s action. Life is unfolding before you step by step. Along the way, you will be offered Divine Breadcrumbs and feedback from the Universe. Turn left. Go back. Wait here for a bit. Listening for and to these signals on your path makes the road much easier to travel.

  12. You surrender to divine timing: At this point in our journey, we aren’t in a hurry, are we? We’ve all heard the stories of someone running late to work only to discover if they’d left on time they likely would have been stuck in traffic at minimum and worst case been part of a terrible accident that happened just ahead of them. Knowing that everything in nature has its season allows us to embrace divine timing over our own timing.

  13. You trust the process: All of this is taking us on a journey of self-mastery – Soul Mastery really. There’s an infinite intelligence guiding you along your path of mastery through your Divine Alignment. You know and feel that all you need to do is show up and do your part in cooperation with this divine intelligence. Even when it looks like we are losing or failing we are only ever learning and growing. It’s all part of the process.

  14. You know what’s right for you: Trusting the process and cooperating with the underlying energetic intelligence doesn’t mean you don’t have discernment. Not at all. At this stage, you will likely be tested. When you are being tested one of two things is happening. Either you are being offered an opportunity to create a new level of mastery or an opportunity to express a new level of mastery that you have more recently attained. Both are valuable here. Remembering to check back in, for alignment with your Soul is key.

  15. You know what’s meant for you will come to you: A Divine Being may not miss out on what’s meant for them. A departure from the standard law of attraction rhetoric, in Divine Alignment it’s not about getting what you want, it’s about having what’s meant for you. These are the experiences that will give you duplicatable sustainable Soul satisfaction. You’ll ditch the manifestation list and receive the richness that’s waiting for you.

  16. You speak your truth: Maintaining this state for extended periods of time brings us to a place where we can speak up and stand up for what is true for us as individuals. That doesn’t mean you are demanding that others agree or comply. It means you are connected to and confident in our own sovereignty as a Divine Being. Boundaries are easier to make and keep. Commitments are made with consciousness. And requests are clear yet compassionate.

  17. You honor your path: By this point, it’s clear that your path likely doesn’t look like anyone else’s. If it did, it’s probably their path and not yours. Living in Divine Alignment creates a state of flow and ease that can’t be accessed by doing what anyone else (or in some cases everyone else) is doing. You aren’t running a race against anyone. Your purpose and calling are unique to you. Honor where you are being guided.

  18. You heal: As good as everything that comes before is, here’s the money shot as they say. The crux of our challenges to live fulfilling purpose-filled lives (and to fulfilling our purpose) is in our own healing – or lack thereof as the case may be. Yes, we have all had painful experiences. And it’s our responsibility to receive the healing available through these experiences. The woundings (or Activation Experiences™) we pick up over the course of our lives serve us. It’s up to you to use these experiences to bring you closer to aligning with the Divine.

  19. You reorient to your purpose: The more you heal the lighter our “load.” The less you are carrying forward with you. The more vitality and attention you have available to fulfill your purpose and follow your calling. At this frequency, you tend to grow impatient with trivial conversations and pointless pursuits. You crave purpose and meaning. No matter how you fill your days or make your living you make sure you do it purposefully.

  20. You are led by your Soul: Ultimately, the objective is to allow ourselves to be guided by our Divine Self, our Soul, rather than our human self. As we’ve traveled through this list of benefits, you can literally feel the expansion and aspiration of your Soul’s calling. Reaching your divine potential, living in alignment and fulfilling your purpose are only possible when your Soul is doing the navigating.

  21. Your cells recalibrate: Extended periods of time in Divine Alignment literally changes you biochemically and energetically. The denseness of the physical realm leaves you and the lightness of the Light illuminates your way. At this stage, you are less human and more Divine. You are living in this world but you are not of this world. This is not a grandiose statement. It is indeed attainable for each and every one of us.

What does it mean to live in divine alignment?

As you move more and more toward living in alignment with your Soul the world comes more into alignment with its own true potential. Imagine what it will be like to walk down the street seeing the Soul inhabiting the body of that stranger you just passed.

Looking through the eyes of Soul we see differently. We stop seeing differences and start seeing our unity. We stop judging and start accepting. We stop competing and start collaborating. We stop resisting and start assisting.

As each of us comes more into alignment with our Soul, we make way for others to do so as well. When you are living in Divine Alignment you are literally changing the world just by being who you – who you were born to be.

Since 2011, courageous men and women around the world have chosen Divine Navigation and committed to the extraordinary and transformative experience of Aligning with their Soul – through their Divine Coordinates. We invite you to also explore the journey of living your Divine Purpose.