Practice: Determining where your awareness is


Practice: Determine where your awareness is


If you’d like to read as you listen, here’s the transcript!

Before we can change anything in our lives or about our experience, we must first, determine our level of presence.

“Presence” means different things to different people. For our purposes, it specifically means how often you are “outside” of yourself compared to how often you are present with yourself.

The first part of presence is determining where your awareness is. When I speak of awareness, what I am really talking about is learning how to watch who is watching. Your ability to know whether or not your awareness is in your body is the basis for energy management and maintenance.

Close your eyes. Ask yourself “Where is my awareness?” It may take a bit of practice to feel for your awareness. Your awareness is the consciousness behind your thinking mind. It may be above you, to the left, in your head, or somewhere else in your body.

The trick here is to feel for it. For now, just notice it.

Wherever you find it is fine. The next step is to invite your awareness into your body. Specifically, into your solar plexus. This is the area above your belly button and below your diaphragm in your upper abdomen.

This area of your body is the center of your will and the source of your personal power. Some say this is the seat of the soul. This also happens to be the location in the body where your Divine Coordinates® reside and where we activate your Divine Navigation System™.

With your eyes still closed, continue to focus your attention and awareness here for several breaths. You may begin to feel a warmth or a glow as the energy builds. Once you feel connected to the energy here, you can open your eyes and go on about your day.

Your awareness can go anywhere you send it.
It is not actually attached to your body.

This is an exercise that I invite you to repeat throughout your day. At various times, simply ask yourself “Where am I?” This will act as your gentle reminder to come back to yourself.

True success, your Energetic Success, only happens here.

Practice coming back to yourself again and again throughout your day. Be patient. Remember that this is only the first step in an ongoing practice.

As you continue this practice, you will eventually find that you are right where you are meant to be – centered on YOU.

Here’s to your Energetic Success!