what are my gifts

What Are My Gifts? Finding Your Spiritual Gifts to Serve Humanity

In a world full of flashy influencers, what are my gifts and how we are contributing to humanity is sometimes hard to imagine. Finding your spiritual gifts to serve the world may not be everyone’s aspiration. Even if not in service, answering the question “what are my gifts?” will point us in the direction of deep meaning and satisfaction for ourselves. 

The desire, perhaps we could even call it a need, to be special is ingrained in us humans. We may resist or deny that pull because rather than feeling special we more commonly feel common, normal (or at moments abnormal) but rarely special.

In part perhaps we have the gifted and talented programs those of us of a certain age were subjected to in school to blame. If you were labeled  “gifted and talented” you may have worried if you could live up to it. If you weren’t, what did that make you if not gifted and talented? 

What are my gifts vs talents

One of the most common challenges for us individuals in discovering what are my gifts is when we compare ourselves to legends like Beethoven. We don’t have to be famous or world-renowned in order to discover our gifts and bring them into the world. What we do have to do is be willing to follow our inherent nature. 

Our gifts are revealed in our natural or intrinsic tendencies. Those leanings however may never come forward or go anywhere without being nurtured. Unless they are nurtured, in all likelihood, they may never be expressed. Instead remaining hidden from all – even ourselves. 

What about talent? Some talent is based in our gifts. Others are simply the result of training and repetition. In fact, Malcolm Gladwell popularized the concept of 10,000 hours of mastery in his book Outliers. By this concept almost anyone has the chance to get good at almost anything. While some simply can’t grasp complex math required for nuclear engineering, there are plenty of things we’ve learned how to do that don’t require us to be gifted at it. You need little natural tendency to have things trained into you.

We’ve all heard stories of the child spurred on by a parent to strive toward athletic or academic excellence. We may all assume the kid loves the pursuit as evidenced by awards and accolades. Only to drop the area of interest like a hot potato as soon as they have their own say in the matter.  

While talent more often is flashier, more sparkly  – although no more valuable – it often relies on pursuit for the recognition of it all.  A gift, however, is followed for the joy of it. You can feel the Soul in a gift. What you feel in talent is perhaps the flawless execution. You know the difference. You can feel the difference.

When our pursuits line up with our gifts, that’s when we are more likely to find the motivation and inspiration to get really good at something. So the question to start with would be “is this interest trained or intrinsic?”

There is still immense value in training along the lines of one’s gift.  In fact a fully expressed gift is the meeting of a natural propensity with deep practice. Anyone who becomes a master at their craft has likely practiced – done it – a lot

How to find your spiritual gifts

Many say how to find your spiritual gifts lies in what you liked to do as a child. While there may certainly be some clues there, the full story on how to find your spiritual gifts is a bit more complex than identifying your favorite activities in your youth. 

For instance, from a young age I was always the one people came to for advice. Even my parents came to me with their problems. (Not the most healthy thing but it happened.) Who could have imagined that spiritual life coaching would become a profession! While spiritual life coaching  should not be constituted as advice, it requires the same deep listening skills – what’s being said as well as what’s not being said –  along with empathy and clarity as any good advisor would use. 

Additionally, as a young child I spent a vast amount of time on my own reading. Family lore is that some family members expressed concern (more accurately an opinion) about how much time I spent alone reading. But I was totally happy there. They thought I should be different. Who is it that had the problem? At that point my literary pursuits stopped being supported and nurtured. 

However, my love of books remained eventually leading to me imagining writing. Although I had never seen it as a viable career choice, for years I had the first few lines of a book rolling through my head. When I was in my 30s I finally signed myself up for some personal essay classes.

As you are reading this article, now as you can see, writing is part of my work as a spiritual life and business coach. It’s gone further into editing and education as I work with our business coaching clients on how to make it more connected to their potential clients. You could say, my natural propensities caught up to me. 

Clues as to your gifts can be (and most likely are) hiding in plain sight. We just know where and how to look for them. 

What are my spiritual gifts

As we further explore what are my gifts, this is the invitation to go deeper. To consider that asking about our truest gifts is actually us asking “what are my spiritual gifts?” Sacred gifts of the spirit, of the Soul, if you will. They may seem less tangible in terms of what one may consider gifts or talents. Yet their impact is palpable and enduring. 

Think of them this way… what arrives in the room with you when you do? 

Now, we’ve all likely had the experience of being able to sense someone’s mood when they enter a room. Most commonly, because it’s more intense, it’s likely anger or upset we most easily notice. Even if someone isn’t expressing that emotion, us feeling-sensing beings called humans can sniff it out.

However, no matter your emotional state there are underlying qualities that are part of who you are. These are key to understanding and discovering your spiritual gifts. One of my favorite examples of this came from witnessing Business in Your Soul® graduate, Debbie, in a room of 200 people hone in on a woman in distress. 

The most amazing part of it was there were no outer signs of trouble. Yet, I watched Debbie walk directly up to this woman in a room full of people and ask “what is it honey?” and the woman just melted. I don’t know the particulars of what was troubling her that day but what I do know is in that moment Debbie was expressing her gift. 

Our spiritual gifts are our superpowers. Ironically, they are so natural to us it’s almost like breathing air. You do it in every moment even though you mostly aren’t thinking about it and unless it’s subzero temps, you can’t see it.

Our spiritual gifts are the states of being, energetic qualities, that arrive with us when you enter a room. And like Debbie, we can’t help but be them.

It’s never too late to discover your spiritual gifts

Many of us spend the first decades of our lives trying to be what we think we should be. As we focus on the external world and how to “make it in life” we can get lost in the roles and responsibilities of daily life. 

The world has plenty of expectations they’d like to impress upon us. These are what covers our truth and our true gifts. But they haven’t actually gone anywhere! Your spiritual gifts are there waiting to be discovered.

You might be wondering “am I too old to discover my spiritual gifts?” No such thing!  There are a plethora of stories of people who discover your spiritual gifts later in life. 

Such as Divine Navigation alumni Jania who became an energy healer in her 80s! Or, Debbie, who you already met, who in her late 50s  went from being a fractional CEO to a grief counselor and Chaplin. It doesn’t matter your age, the true you is always yearning to come through!

Sharing your spiritual gifts

Once you know what they are, sharing your spiritual gifts becomes easy. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose endeavor to contribute to the world. You may have a desire to be a spiritual entrepreneur and start and run a spiritual business but that’s far from the only way our spiritual gifts express.

Our everyday life in our ordinary interactions is the place our spiritual gifts can often have the greatest difference. From the “You can do it. I believe in you!” you give your kid on their way out the door to the compassionate embrace you share with a friend experiencing heartbreak, these are the moments when the light of our Souls shines through as our spiritual gifts.

One might say that gifts are innate and talent is taught. As you can see, the full story is a bit more complex than that. While gifts may be quiet and unassuming their value is immeasurable. It is the gift of your being through whatever you are doing that makes the biggest difference in the world. 

So when you are wondering “why am I here?,” remember when we are in divine alignment, the gift of our being is our greatest gift we have to give the world. 

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