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What is a Spiritual Coach and Who Should Hire One

The term spiritual coach and spiritual life coach are often used synonymously. While there are many similarities there are also differences. When you are considering hiring a spiritual coach (or spiritual life coach), there may be some nuances to consider. 

Let’s start with the similarities. Both a spiritual coach and a spiritual life coach are committed to you reaching your potential and living a fulfilling life. How they do that may differ. The path they may take you on, the perspectives they support you from and the tools they use are where you’ll likely find the most differences. 

Even though their titles are just one simple word apart, it’s important to understand what to expect when you are looking to hire either. 

What is a Spiritual Coach

At the core of what is a spiritual coach sits the perspective that there is something bigger than yourself to connect with. Be that your higher self, the universe, or a creator, the foundation of a spiritual coach is going to be rooted in the magic, mystery and divine design of the world we live in. 

While a spiritual coach will help bring clarity and expansion to many areas of life they will always encourage you to connect more deeply with yourself and follow your inner guidance. This often includes getting under our beliefs and behaviors to understand what our unconscious motivations are and specifically where they are sourced from – our personality (often referred to as ego) or our Soul. 

A spiritual coach may specifically work with you on your spiritual life or  they may work with you on seeing one or more (even all) areas of your life from a spiritual perspective. The approach of a spiritual coach is going to be that everything in our lives can be used for our own growth and evolution. 

They are going to use whatever life brings you to help fuel the fire of your Soul. This means that no matter what is happening in our human experience we can gain the ability to use those circumstances to propel us forward in our mastery and evolution rather than weigh us down or slow us down.

A spiritual coach strives to help us create more contentment with ourselves and our lives (or inspire us to make changes so we will be). Their objective is to support you in finding more meaning, value and purpose in your life. 

Spiritual coaches are also more likely to work with universal principles than for example a faith-based coach. They generally work from a more expanded view, without being confined by dogma or doctrine. This offers the opportunity to relate to a wider range of people from different walks of life and gives them the freedom to use a variety of tools and techniques to support their clients.

What does a Spiritual Life Coach Do?

Before looking at what does a spiritual life coach do, there’s one more piece we need to explore. That is the difference between a life coach and a spiritual life coach. While general life coaching often has a strong emphasis on goals and accountability in regard to outer world issues, a spiritual life coach is going to support you in approaching all areas of life from a spiritual perspective with your inner world experience being a top priority. 

That being said, the most effective spiritual life coaches can help you achieve just as great (perhaps even greater) outer world results as a life coach with the added benefit of ensuring that you stay true to yourself along the way.  A skilled spiritual life coach will look beyond what you are presenting with your actions and words to the underlying motivations and expanded implications of what is presenting in your life.

For example, rather than simply focusing on behaviors and strategies to support your personal and professional development, a spiritual life coach is going to focus more on the alignment (or misalignment) of your Soul and the experience you are having of yourself. In essence, the focus is on your being vs doing. By focusing on our inner state we can create more peace in our outer world within our everyday life.  

While you’ll find plenty of general spiritual coaches, there are also spiritual life coaches who specialize in a certain area of life such as life purpose coaching, relationship coaching (of all stages), or intuition coaching to name just a few. You will also find some that specialize in a specific modality such as Certified Divine Navigation Coaches, supporting humanity in discovering their Soul’s Purpose in both life and business.

What to consider before hiring a spiritual coach or a spiritual life coach?

The first thing to consider before hiring a spiritual coach or spiritual life coach is “which do I want?” If you are specifically looking to be coached in the area of spirituality a spiritual coach may be your best bet. If you are looking to approach one or all areas of your life from a spiritual perspective, a spiritual life coach may be just what you are looking for.

Remember, someone using either title may fall into either category and some do both. Doing just a little homework beforehand will tell you most of what you need to know to go to the next step. Of course you’ll want to ensure you are working with a reputable coach with a proven process that produces consistent results. 

There are a few additional questions you may want to ask yourself when you are considering hiring a spiritual life coach such as: “What’s the (first) area or issue I would primarily like to focus on with my new coach?” “After I work with my spiritual coach, what result would have it feel like it was a success for me?” “Do I have a preference for a specific modality, approach or philosophy?” 

While it’s generally not appropriate in these confidential situations to ask to speak to past clients, you’ll find effective coaches will have public testimonials from raving clients. Good coaches love to share their client successes. They are also bound by a code of ethics and are required to have permission to share specific client results.

Assuming all the pieces we’ve discussed are in place, rapport and trust are the two most important foundational elements of any effective coach/client relationship. Can you relate to them and most importantly, can they relate to you? Do they understand and have empathy for where you are? And do they have a vision for where you could go?

Trust is a lot harder to quantify but you’ll know it when you find it. Consider reading their published articles and exploring their social media channels to get a feel for them and their philosophy. You’ll want to be sure you feel connected to and drawn to their philosophy and approach. In the end, you’ll know when it’s the right fit. And a reputable coach will want this as well.

Who should hire a spiritual coach (and when)?

Just about anyone could benefit from hiring a spiritual coach and there are some specific times in life when you may want to consider it more seriously. A few such times are:

  • When you are in a significant life transition. And isn’t life full of those?! This could be a career change (or the desire for one), becoming an empty nester, after the end of a relationship, or the loss of a loved one.

  • When you are wondering what to do with your life. Haven’t we all wondered this from time to time? Well, when you are ready to find some answers it’s a great time to hire a spiritual coach. 

  • When you don’t have as much confidence you’d like. This can happen at any time and frankly can plague us for a lifetime. A connection with your true self can put you on track to eliminate self-doubt.

  • When your life is “okay” but you yearn for more. Things look good on the outside but you still have the sense that something’s missing. Remember this… nothing will ever fill the hole where your Soul belongs.

  • When you want to know who you are. The most common ailment of humanity is a case of mistaken identity. When we’ve taken on identities and coping strategies that aren’t really us we will inevitably crave a sense of alignment with our Soul.

  • When you are ready to discover and live your purpose. Maybe you’re one of the countless who have traveled through life doing what makes sense, what seemed to feel safe. Living life this way can leave you with an incompleteness as you sense you have (or should have or want to have) a greater purpose, yet we aren’t sure what that purpose is. 

  • When you want a clearer vision for your future. The view can get hazy when we have been conditioned to fulfill expectations rather than fulfill our purpose. Support in setting expectations aside to make way for our destiny will empower you to answer the call of our Soul.

  • When you are ready to approach your business as well as your life from a spiritual perspective. If the way you’ve been running your business (or the business you’ve been running) has got you down, it may be time for a different approach. No matter what your business is, there is a way to create and run a business from your Soul. 

As you can see, there are many and varied roles a spiritual coach or spiritual life coach can play in your life. The support of a skilled advisor or mentor can vastly increase the quality of your life and sense of well-being, not to mention help you reach your goals and bring your vision to life. In fact, it has the potential to become one of the most influential and meaningful relationships in your life. 

**As a gentle reminder, coaching of any form should not replace the services of a trained and licensed mental health, or medical professional.