abundance and prosperity

What is abundance and prosperity

We hear about abundance and prosperity all throughout Law of Attraction and manifestation circles. Whether it’s that shiny new car or the overflowing bank account, it seems that everyone is seeking it. Yet why aren’t more finding it? 

Understanding what does abundance and prosperity mean, truly, as well as the energetic undercurrents present when we are chasing after them is paramount if one hopes to attract either abundance or prosperity into their life.

What does abundance and prosperity mean?

When it comes down to it you may be surprised to realize what abundance and prosperity mean. And how fundamentally different they actually are from one another. Working with law of attraction principles without being clear on the difference could actually end up getting you a lot of what you don’t want. 

That’s because, fundamentally, abundance simply means having a lot of something. Think of all the things you currently have “a lot” of that you would really rather not have. This could translate into “I have an abundance of debt” or “I have an abundance of troubles” or “I have an abundance of clutter.” No bueno, right? 

At the energetic level, when we are seeking abundance we may not realize what we are often actually attracting is lack. That’s because at its most primitive level, the desire for abundance is generally based in lack. Something we think should be is not here so we inadvertently focus on that empty space. 

“I don’t have enough money…” So, I want more.
“I don’t have a big enough house…” So, I want a bigger one.
“I don’t have a nice enough car…” So, I want a flashier one.

Get the drift? All this “not enough-ness” has the exact opposite effect than we are looking for. Furthermore the energy of “wanting” is a trap that will keep you in the loop of not having what you want. That’s because the energy of wanting only affirms that what you want is not currently present. It keeps you hyper-attuned to the absence of what you are after.

Can you see where we may have gone wrong with seeking abundance?

What does prosperity mean?

When we take a look at what does prosperity mean, you’ll likely pick up very quickly on some of these all important distinctions between abundance and prosperity. Where abundance leans toward meaning wanting or wanting more of something you do not currently have, prosperity means fully having what you’ve got.

It might seem cliché, but gratitude truly is the secret to being prosperous. The key is feeling what you already have as enough – more than enough really. Where the search for abundance is based in lack, prosperity is available in absolutely any moment when you shift your focus from what you perceive is “missing” to what is here – now

If you’ve been a law of attraction student for any length of time, you’ve likely heard the phrase “what you focus on expands.” Therefore, when in our attempts to manifest abundance, we inadvertently focus on lack and not enough, is it any wonder our situation doesn’t change – and could even get worse? 

A little research reveals that, as previously mentioned, abundance simply means a very large quantity. However, the etymology of prosperity has a much more desirable meaning. While the more modern definitions set the meaning of prosperity in the realm of money and finance, when we look to its origins we find the true meaning of prosperity to be something far more important than a bigger house, a fancier car or loads of money. 

The Latin root of prosperity is prosperus which means “doing well” as did the Old French prospereus. Origins of words matter far more than the way the use of the word has evolved. This is why it is important to know what the words we use so casually really mean. After all, when we say we want abundance, it would seem that what most are really desiring to attract is actually the energy of “doing well” – ergo prosperity. 

How to manifest prosperity and abundance

There are some key principles to employ when you are wondering how to manifest prosperity and abundance. These are 1) the energy 2) the declarations and 3) the having.

  1. The Energy: First up, the energy. This is the undercurrent of what we are experiencing driven by our unconscious thoughts and motivations. Paramount in the role of manifesting and manifestation lists, we must get our energy aligned if we have any chance of attracting prosperity and abundance. For example, if you are planning in your business and you are holding the feeling of not enough clients, that’s the energy that gets infused in the emails you write, in the conversations you have and in the field that surrounds your business endeavors. The key here is to tap into the sense that the perfect soulmate clients are on their way to you at this very moment. They will arrive in perfect divine timing. As I often say, “the energy precedes evidence.” Furthermore, the energy determines the evidence – the manifestation that will result from the felt sense you are predominantly holding.

  2. The Declarations: We don’t realize how often we are speaking our reality into existence. Your word is your wand so be careful what you say – outloud and to yourself. How many of us heard things such as “I can’t afford it” as kids? Well, guess what? When you repeat that (internally or externally) we are sealing that experience into place. While it may be an accurate statement that there are currently no funds to allocate in a certain direction be mindful not to declare that or risk perpetuating that experience. Instead use more empowering language such as “I have other priorities” or “I choose to allocate my resources elsewhere at this time.” Feel the difference between these examples? Speak into your possibility rather than limitation. 

  3. The Having: Our final piece is receiving all that’s meant for us. The having of the blessings that already surround us. Think of the having as opening the gifts that are already there for us. Like an ungrateful child, the universe simply will not bring us more while we are saying (literally or figuratively) “what you’ve given me so far is not enough.” It is in the full receiving of the bounty that has already been bestowed upon us that we have the openness and spaciousness to receive even more. Remember, when we focus on lack we get more lack. When we focus on the plenty we will always have plenty.

How to attract prosperity and abundance

Now that you understand how to attract prosperity and abundance, keep in mind that while abundance may be reflected in the state of your bank account, prosperity is reflected in your  state of being – your well-being. 

Remember to take into consideration your entire state of prosperity. Abundance and prosperity can come in many forms. It won’t look the same for each of us. Your own soul’s journey and mastery will be the means by which you can receive everything that’s meant for you. 

Are You a Master Manifestor 

Spending time chasing external proof of our inherent value is not time well spent. The only resources we take with us after this life is complete are the ones we’ve cultivated within our own Soul. 

Learn to see and appreciate the blessings that have already been bestowed upon you. And trust that what’s meant for you will find you.