why am I here

Why Am I Here?

“Why am I here?” Perhaps one of the most timeless questions there is. Us humans have continued to ask ourselves this question across the ages. Mark Twain has been cited as saying “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Is there any wonder we continue to ask ourselves why am I here?

It’s natural to search for meaning in a world that sometimes feels random and chaotic. When we feel unmoored or are struggling to find our footing in our lives we can’t help but wonder what it’s all for. Hoping against hope that there’s a greater purpose to all this, and for ourselves in particular. Rest assured there is. 

With upwards of seven billion people on the planet, it can be far too easy to feel small and invisible. Like what we do and who we are is insignificant. Maybe our problems don’t look so bad from the outside but we still feel a lack of inspiration and purpose. Perhaps we watch others’ struggles and think we shouldn’t complain about our circumstances. We might even remember the things past generations had to contend with and decide we haven’t had it so rough after all. This inevitably leads us to the inquiry of why am I here. 

Why Am I Here On Earth 

Before we specifically answer the question why am I here on earth, it’s important to consider why are any of us here. What is the greater purpose of life itself? Only then can we begin to answer the question for ourselves as individuals. 

While some may consider life to be a random experience, when we look closely it’s hard to imagine the beauty and magic of life doesn’t have a divine design. The fact that without the trees and plant life, us humans could not survive (both for food and oxygen) and reciprocally, without us humans they in turn could not survive (trees require the carbon dioxide we exhale) is just one of the countless hints at our interconnectedness and the importance of our being here. 

For us humans, why am I here on earth becomes more personal when we understand the part we play in the greater good for humanity. Scientists have proven that the entire world is made up of energy. What looks solid only appears to be so. There is more space in our cells than matter. Furthermore, each living organism has its own energetic signature; people, plants and the planet – you included. 

Think of this energetic signature as the frequency of your Soul. Although you may not be vibrating at that frequency currently, it is your inherent potentiality and it is your purpose. Basically, each and every one of us is born because our specific frequency is needed on the planet at the time of our birth. Our journey in life is to learn how to vibrate at the frequency of our Soul. 

Why Am I Here Just To Suffer

Here’s where our life experiences come in. With the trials and tribulations of life we can be left to wonder why am I here just to suffer? It can certainly feel that way sometimes, can’t it? The pain and problems that riddle everyday life can pile up leaving us feeling like that’s all we have to look forward to. 

Once we understand that life is happening for us rather than to us, the question why I am here just to suffer dissipates. Unfortunately, us humans don’t tend to change until we get uncomfortable enough. That generally means life needs to create some friction in order to encourage us to grow and change. You see, all of life is designed to direct you onto your Divine Path.

For example, while it’s happening, a divorce can be excruciating especially if we aren’t the one that initiated it. However, a large majority of people look back on such an event as a pivot point in their lives and might even go so far as to say their divorce was the very best thing that could have happened to them. Granted, this often requires time and perspective before we can see it this way, so it’s okay if it doesn’t feel like that today.

Consider this… far more often we are being knocked on path rather than off it. While circumstances that cause us to think things like why am I here just to suffer feel like they are ruining our lives they could in fact (and often are) leading us to our lives. Meaning, life is conspiring with your Soul to ensure you fulfill the purpose you were born for. 

Much like the pressure that’s required to be applied to coal in order for it to be turned into a diamond, your life is honing and refining you in order for you to reach the highest expression of your Soul and vibrate at your unique energetic frequency. As they say… “if nothing changes; nothing changes.”

Why Am I Still Here

Simply put, you aren’t done here yet. When wondering why am I still here, you can be certain this is always the case. As we discussed, each of us is born to hold a specific energetic frequency. As far as we’re concerned, that is your purpose. Regardless of how you support yourself this is the case (although it is possible for those who are called to run the business in your soul). 

Fulfilling your purpose doesn’t have to be grandiose or complex. In fact, it can be fulfilled in the very next room you walk into – and should be frankly. It’s who you be, not just what you do, that truly makes a difference. Who knows… tomorrow when you are walking down the street, what seems like a random smile at a passerby could actively be part of fulfilling your purpose. We won’t always know the impact we have. Yet we are always having an impact. 

If you are sitting in a space of why am I still here, you can be assured that a) either you aren’t yet being the person you were born to be and it’s time to dedicate yourself to your own becoming . Or b) the person you were born to be has more to do before it’s time for your departure and it’s time to get serious about fulfilling your purpose more intentionally. 

Either way, alignment with your Soul is key. The energetic frequency that is unique to your Soul can only be  brought to the earth through you. This frequency is needed to heal your fellow man in some way. That is why you were born. You are that important. 

The next time you question your importance and why you are here, remember this. There is no one else like you. You are a unique individuated expression of the Divine, born on purpose, with purpose. We need you here.