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The year of Unifying Divinity

Each year I identify a primary energetic theme based loosely on numerology (I am NOT a numerologist) as well as my own awareness and intuition then support it by the tarot card spread that I do to reveal the sequence of energies we will be experiencing collectively in the coming year.

This year I struggled a bit to encapsulate into words the energy of the coming year that I was feeling. Then the morning of the retreat, prior to pulling the tarot spread, I sat down to mediate.

As is common when I am mediating prior to being with you all, it’s far from “quiet” as I am receiving a lot of information on your behalf and I frequently have to pop out of my mediation in order to capture it. 😉 I clearly heard these words… “Unifying Divinity.”

Almost immediately following I did the forecast spread and was totally blown away! The theme of “Unifying Divinity” was supported by the theme card for the entire year of 2018 in the Lovers card (VI). The epitome of Unified Divinity!

The meaning of this card is not as simple as it might appear on the surface. It’s really not about romantic love at all. In fact, in older versions of the Tarot the card was referred to as The Lover rather than The Lovers. This hints at the true meaning of the card. It is “the dualities of a single individual, willfully united in pursuit of Divine Love.”

The Lover, therefore, is one who has fully integrated the opposing forces (dualities) within him or herself – the conscious and the subconscious; the personality and the soul; the heart and mind; the masculine and feminine; the physical and the spiritual – and from that place is able to look upon himself and the world with understanding, acceptance and Love.

This union with one’s self is not a passive experience. It requires awareness, self-control, self-compassion and will. It may also require a “death” of some sort. A letting go of who you are not in order to be the entirety of who you are as a Divine Being.

In 2018 we can expect to continue to see darkness, manipulation and deception exposed. Disharmony will show up in order to reveal where we are in separation and still have opportunities for unification be that within ourselves or with our fellow man.

These experiences may bring up fear for some. Just remember that fear is always an invitation to Love. Unless you embody the energy of Love it’s just a concept. Continually be asking yourself “how can I BE Love today?”

Remember that Love is not only a feeling it is action. Ask yourself “what would Love in action look like?” Or “if I was Love what would I do in this situation, in this moment?”

In 2018, we are being called to fully engage our hearts and souls into every choice, every interaction, and situation. It is no longer optional. If you feel that you cannot express your heart and soul in an exchange, situation or project, remove yourself. Stop engaging. Shift your focus. Change your course.

I get that may not seem so easily. That may not even feel possible from where you are sitting in this moment. But what I will tell you is that as 2018 progresses it will become increasingly unbearable to continue on a path that is not meant for you.

You can start small. Try simply focusing on infusing even your small daily tasks; those more routine parts of life; with the presence of Love. The fabric of your days is sure to change.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. ~Rumi

What is going to support you most this year is turning inward to manage and maintain your own internal experience. The fact is that our outer experience can only change as a reflection of our internal experience. That is why if we ever expect to be unified as a human race we first need to be a race of unified humans.

The song “Bring me a higher love” by Steve Winwood has been playing in my head since New Year’s Day. It really encapsulates the essence of what we are charged with creating for ourselves in 2018.

Think about it, there must be higher love. Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above. Without it, life is wasted time. Look inside your heart, I’ll look inside of mine.

Things look so bad everywhere. In this whole world, what is fair? We walk blind and we try to see. Falling behind in what could be.

Bring me a higher love Bring me a higher love Bring me a higher love Where’s this higher love I’ve been thinking of?

In a later verse it continues on….

I could light the night up with my soul on fire I could make the sun shine from pure desire Let me feel the love come over me Let me feel how strong it can be

Bring me a higher love Bring me a higher love Bring me a higher love I could rise above for this higher love

In case you’d like to listen to the entire song, my favorite version is of his daughter Lilly singing with him as back up.

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