you make a difference

You make a difference: Here’s How

You make a difference just by being in the world. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Instead what most often happens when we get concerned about how you can make a difference in the world is we look outside ourselves to the people who are getting accolades and acknowledgements for their accomplishments.

Mistakenly, we think it’s only people who do grandiose, well publicized things that make a difference in the world. Of course it’s completely reasonable that we would think that. Those are the things that are obvious. After all, we can see them. But the things that make the biggest difference in the world are often much more subtle, perhaps not glamorous, and often unnoticed by the world at large.

How Do You Make a Difference 

But how do you make a difference in the world then if you are just living a normal everyday life? It might surprise you to realize that is exactly how you make a difference. Consider this… 

Recall a time when someone entered the room and the energy in the entire room shifted. When most recall a moment like this it will be someone who was having an intense emotion; in many cases something like anger or grief. Just because those are the times we notice it most easily doesn’t mean it’s the only time it happens. 

This is the opportunity we all have to discover how you make a difference in the world. 

This is a practice you can incorporate into your everyday life right away. As you find yourself moving through your day, your work and all the environments you pass through in a given day, start to really pay attention to what you sense in the space you are in. Notice when the next person enters, what changed? Does it feel like the energy in the space was elevated or lowered? 

Next, start to pay attention to what energy you are bringing to those spaces. Before entering the next room take note of how you are feeling, who you are being, and what you are bringing with you into the room. What would you like to leave outside the door before entering? 

You see, whether you are aware of it or not, you can make a difference simply through your energetic presence. While it may seem insignificant, this is actually how you make a difference in every room you walk into. 

Now back to our exercise… As you enter, once again take note of the energy of the room as you enter as well as how it shifts, if it shifts, upon your arrival. Remember this question… what enters the room when you do? If you don’t like the answer to that question, it may be time to explore how you are showing up in your life. 

It’s far too easy to get caught up in life and simply “go through the motions.” Basically moving through our days unconsciously out of habit rather than living our lives with purpose and intention. Even just taking a moment to pause before an interaction to ask “how do I want to experience myself in this exchange?” or “what would I like the person I am about to interact with to experience?” will show you just how much power you have to make a difference. 

Whether we notice it or not, each person who enters a room potentially changes the energy of that room. 

How To Make a Difference in the World

Now for those of you who are thinking “that’s nice and all but I really want to know how to make a difference in the world in a tangible way,” be careful not to discount the significance of the foundation of energetic presence as part of how you make a difference.

This is what we refer to as micro to macro. For simplicity here, the meaning of micro being small and the meaning of macro being large. Both elements are required when it comes to how to make a difference in the world. Think of it this way…

The macro here is your greater vision, your soul calling or soul purpose. As in what is the change you want to see in the world? It’s one thing to know what we want the world to look like; it’s another to bring that to fruition. When we contemplate the end result it can feel pretty overwhelming but it doesn’t need to.

Consider that we can’t actually change the world in one fell swoop or even on our own. No one person can. It takes small steps, it takes individuals – in some cases many of them – to shift the collective. There’s your micro. The small piece – steps, actions, elements, components, people – that make up the greater whole. Combining the micro and the macro is the key to how to make a difference in the world.  

Both components are required. Nothing – absolutely nothing – happens on the macro without the micro. It’s the individual that makes up with masses. With this understanding, now we can begin to see how being our fully expressed, authentic self – being in divine alignment with our Soul – is the path to how you can make a difference in the world.

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The Making a Difference Desire

Making a difference is what we all hope for. Whether you want to make a difference for your family, your community or even yourself, we all dream of leaving the world a better place than we found it. They are all meaningful endeavors. Making a difference shouldn’t solely be based on scale or size. It all makes a difference.

You make a difference just by being in the world. It may seem overly simplistic but through this exploration it’s now clearer than ever how and why it’s true. And why in this day and age it’s even more imperative that we embrace and live this as truth; because it is. 

Through embracing and honoring the truth of your Soul you are actually making a difference just by being you. More than any other pursuit you may have, this is the most important endeavor you could undertake. As Gandhi so prophetically declared “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It’s time.

While society has glorified the “doing” of life, it’s who we are “being” that actually makes the difference we are meant to. The fact of the matter is, it’s going to take each of us showing up fully from our Soul – to be who we were born to be, to give the gifts we were born to give, and to make the difference we were sent here to make. In short, the world can’t reach its divine potential until you do.

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