Shaughnessey Miller


"Remember your brilliance. Remember your divine essence. Then share it with the world. The universe is waiting for you."


I Unleash Courageous Choice through Self-Acceptance and Self-Discovery; Realizing Divine Expression

My Divine Navigation Story

Divine Navigation has given me the tools and the confidence to follow my own path. It has helped me give myself permission to embrace my uniqueness. To know deeply that I deserve happiness and joy and that experience is not based on whatever anyone else thinks of my life. That experience comes from inside me as I am whole and complete just as I am. My Divine Coordinates help me unlock the power within and the clarity to know what my next step is in creating the life I choose to grow and flourish as a person. My Divine Coordinates support me in my journey of self-mastery and guide me in the ever-unfolding experience of creating the life I desire.

"I work with people-pleasing women who are constantly putting their wants and desires behind everyone else's. Women who put themselves last and likely lack fulfillment and passion in their life.

I help them explore their soul's desire and give themselves permission to speak up in creating a life of meaning, inspiration, and fulfillment.

Additional Services/Specialties: Essential Oil Educator"


"Shaughnessey listens really deeply and is spot-on with her intuitive hits about what is lying underneath the surface of my awareness. There have been times I didn't even recognize that something was really "off", and she could help me see it clearly and offer support and tools for making a shift. She is deeply caring, and wants the absolute best for those of us lucky enough to work with her. I highly recommend her as a coach! "~Lois


"Far more than merely "knowing" my coordinates, Shaughnessey integrates the field into how I show up for my life. Her intuitive recognition of how a situation reflects missing energies, or things coming out sideways, kicks me in the blindspot every time! Thorough, direct, no games - just straight-on results with love. "~Karen


"Working with Shaughnessey has been great! She helps me see how my actions and responses to the world are impacting or impacted by my Divine Coordinates. Working with her has brought clarity to difficult situations." ~Sue